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June 10, 2008

Healthy Environment

If there was a blueprint for living sustainably, our lives would be easy and we would be on a clear path.  But the path is not clear and the issues complicated.  What can sometimes seem to be a no brainer may not achieve the goals we are seeking – regardless of how intuitively right it seems.  We can’t afford to go down the wrong path on the environment. 

The issue of idling and drive thrus has generated a lot of interest on this blog. 

There is some interesting research posted on the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association website about drive thrus that may challenge some views on the topic and will certainly expand the debate:

Now, I know the association has a vested interest in drive thrus.  However, the research is worth criticial review.  The issue of drive thrus has been raised at Guelph City Council and whether we should be developing policies to restrict their use in the community.  This all takes staff time.  Well worth the investment if we can improve air quality in our community.  But perhaps our staff’s time would be better spent on getting people out of cars period rather than focussing on drive thrus.

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2 Comments on “More on drive thrus”

  1. Sarah Galliher Says:

    I find the facts on the CRFA website unbelievable and inconsistent with other messages being delivered to the public by environmentalists and government agencies.
    Here is some information that seems a little more reliable.

    Isn’t the City of London considering a drive thru ban? Perhaps we can learn something from their experience. No doubt about it, getting people out of our cars has to be the “big picture” goal of city staff.


  2. jerry ferringo Says:

    About all this talk about drive thru’s
    I agree it does add to the problem but shouldn’t the city
    of Guelph clean up it’s own front step before telling somebody
    to do the same?
    I mean during the winter i pulled into the speedville plaza only
    to see two city trucks(plows)running well the drivers are in
    timmies having there coffee.Then you get the cops doing the same(summer or winter)well they do paperwork or just sit there.Or you go to the city parks and as they load the trucks
    or cutting the grass the trucks are still running.So it just proves we all have to change are ways?

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