Tree Registry launched by Rotary

For their 100th anniversary in 2020, the Rotary Club of Guelph has set a goal for a 40% tree canopy in Guelph.

In addition to the new Rotary Forest that is being planted at Guelph Lake in partnership with the Grand River Conservation Authority, they have launched a new Tree Registry.  If you are planting trees, go to and register your trees.

Trees are a top priority for this term of Council.  Early in our term, we provided funding for the development of a Urban Forest Master Plan.  The City has not treated our urban forest as an important asset.  The master plan will change that. Community leadership and initiatives like the Rotary project will be an essential part of achieving the goals established in the plan.  In addition, we have hired a new student position this year to ensure all newly planted trees are watered regularly.  This is in response to the high level of loss we have seen over the last few years especially during periods of extreme drought.  None of this is fast enough for the tree protectors in Guelph and members of Council share their frustration but we are committed to significant change during this term.

We are fortunate to have scenes like this within our City boundary.





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One Comment on “Tree Registry launched by Rotary”

  1. Bill Given Says:

    What a great initiative! I’ve taken the liberty of visiting the Rotary Club’s website and downloading the pdf presentation on the project – I’ll be sharing it around our community.

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