Dumping in rural areas

July 3, 2008

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I received the following comments and photo about the irresponsible dumping of garbage that goes on in rural areas especially just outside of the city boundaries:


“I recently led a cleanup of a chronic dumping ground on the lands of the GRCA on Niska Road, just outside of City limits, where we have a new trailhead and new “John Wood Sidetrails” at the Puslinch snowplow turnaround facility. We sought and readily received help from Puslinch Township, who supplied a five ton truck and two men, which we overloaded with garbage from this location. Their operations staff who helped the club volunteers in loading the truck, and their road supt assert that Puslinch and Guelph-Eramosa have long standing, ongoing problems with many dozens of informal dumping sites, most of which are close by Guelph. It seems that many Guelphites are too lazy to take yard waste, hazardous waste, and household garbage any extra distance to the Dunlop Road location, and prefer to drive just a klik or two to dump off tires, paint, batteries, garage sale remnants, yard waste, matresses, construction waste, etc. in any convenient spot.”


So what do you think about Guelphites who dump garbage in the country?


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6 Comments on “Dumping in rural areas”

  1. Cam Guthrie Says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d open up the bags and find something in them that can link the waste back to the original owners. Then I would fine them, dump the waste back on their property and send them a bill for the overhead costs associated with doing all of the above. Finally, I would put a picture of the offender(s) in the local media as “Dumpster of the week”.

    Cam Guthrie

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    These are some other suggestions I have received.

    1) Signage at rural dumping sites and within City limits.

    2) Create a targeted advertizing campaign to discourage the activity

    3) Engage residents in the solution by making people aware they can play a role in keeping our parks clean/safe by taking action when they see this illegal activity by calling bylaw enforcement.

  3. Alexandra Barlow Says:

    I agree with Cam – I’ve found that the Downey Road area is also one of the worst areas for this kind of activity. I don’t know if signs will make that much of a difference – the individuals doing this sort of thing already know that it is illegal.

  4. Bill Hulet Says:

    Does anyone remember the old Arlo Guthrie song “Alice’s Restaurant”? It involved him getting pinched by the police for illegal dumping. They caught him by finding a letter addressed to him in with the other trash.

    Why can’t the City do the same thing here and now?

  5. Brian Holstein Says:

    Scott Tracy once did a piece a few years ago on this: he opened garbage dumped on Speedvale West, found an envelope. Whether or not he actually contacted the name on the envelope was not clear in his column.

    Making a public example of the alleged offenders, while no doubt a pleasing and understandable retribution to many, could be a dangerous route to follow with law-suits, etc. What if the trash had been contracted to be removed? .

    Perhaps, after an awareness campaign and signage as suggested by the mayor, if the ByLaw people could become involved they could do the Scott Tracey thing, even photograph the garbage in situ, then give the offender a limited time to remove it before a ticket is written.

    That way the alleged offenders can quietly redeem themselves and hopefully learn a lesson (other than removing ID from their trash before dumping it). And the offenders have to actually do something other than simply paying an inconvenient and affordable fine.

  6. Lane Aspinall Says:

    I do not agree with people dumping garbage where ever they feel like it. However, I take items to the dump many times during the summer and I am always surprised at the cost to dump unwanted broken things. I grew up in Guelph and am truly upset that our taxes keep going up and our services keeping going down. I would like to see city trucks pick up “stuff” once or twice a year such as toilets/tires etc. I do believe that would cut down on the dumping.
    Also I am very careful to separate my household garbage but I always joke that you have to put a bow on your garbage in order to have it picked up.

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