Noise complaints

Noise complaints can be some of the most challenging issues to deal with and the most frustrating for residents to live with. 

Recently, members of Council received answers to a number of questions regarding the enforcement of noise complaints.  There have been changes to how these complaints are handled to increase the timeliness of our response.  There is a lot of good information in the answers so I am sharing them here.   

Q – I understand that the Bylaw staff along with the Police are responsible for enforcement of the City’s Noise Bylaw.

A -Yes

Q- Bylaw staff enforce the noise Bylaw 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are able to write tickets?

A -Yes, since May 1 staff have been enforcing the Bylaw 24 hours a day and are able to write tickets.

Q – How many tickets have you issued?

A – Since May 1 we have issued approximately 50 tickets.

Q – Does this include tickets issued by the police?

A – No, the 50 tickets were issued by Bylaw staff.

Q – How many calls have you attended?

A – This year we have attended over 600 calls.

Q – Are these calls in addition to 1,300 logged by the Guelph Police?

A – No, the Guelph Police log all calls and dispatch the appropriate staff either Bylaw or Police depending on the type of call.

Q – Do Bylaw staff attend all calls or do they review the concern then decide whether or not to attend?

A – Staff respond to all calls and address them accordingly, if staff arrive and the concern is beyond their ability to address due to the activity taking place, the police are notified and requested to attend.

Q – How many warnings did you issue?

A – Approximately 300.

Q – Were the remaining calls in which a warning or charge was not laid, unfounded?

A – Not necessarily, calls that did not result in a charge or warning being issued could be the result of the fact that by the time the Officer arrived the noise had stopped or that the noise may be permitted under the Bylaw.

Q – How does the program work?

A – If a person has a concern with noise, they are to contact the Guelph Police Service, the Police Dispatcher then reviews the call and dispatches Bylaw staff or if the call is beyond the ability of Bylaw staff to address the police will attend.

Q – I understand that the past (noise) pilot project was successful, was this the reason for Bylaw staff to enforce the noise Bylaw 24 hours a day?

A – As a result of recommendations from the Shared Rental Housing report, for the past 2 years, Bylaw staff did enforce the noise Bylaw on Friday and Saturday nights for 4 months of the year and this program was found to be successful.  The decision to have the Bylaw staff enforce the noise enforcement 24 hours a day was the result of the Bylaw Service Review report which was presented to Council in April of this year, this report made recommendations resulting in staff enforcing the Bylaws such as Noise and Licensing among others, 24 hours a day.

Q – Have the response times to noise concerns improved since Bylaw staff began to enforce this Bylaw.

A – Yes, our average response time for arriving at noise concerns is between 8 to 15 minutes from being dispatched.

Q – Is this better than the Guelph Police’s response time to noise concerns.

A – Yes, for the police, concerns regarding noise may be a lower priority compared to other calls they receive for assistance.

Q – What types of noise calls do Bylaw staff attend, what is the majority?

A  -Staff attend a variety of noise concerns including loud parties, music, barking dogs, construction and fireworks.  The majority of calls are for loud parties and music.

Q – What is the strangest call that Bylaw staff attended.

A – Not sure at this time, however we did receive a call regarding the noise created by someone moving.  The concern was there was too much noise being created from the lifting of items out the moving truck into their new home, staff attended and just advised them of the concern, there was no violation.

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57 Comments on “Noise complaints”

  1. Mike Says:

    I have some concerns about the Noise bylaw, first my situation….

    I’v been having some problems with a tennant in a basement apartment calling by-law on us (some times several times a day!). We live a floor above him, it is only a small home with thin floors. And our livingroom happens to be directly above his bedroom. We have tried to work with him, but it got rediculous when we can’t have 3 people over at 10pm on friday night to CALMLY watch some tv, or when I can’t listen to some music at 3pm (at a reasonable level) on a Saturday while I tidy the house (by-law called that time). The landlord is on our side and has told him that it is a cheap basement apartment with students living above him (all of which he knew when he moved in). We have lived here for 2 years and all previous tenents in that room had no complaints.

    Now the reason that he can even do this is that the Guelph Noise By-law is very vague when it comes to the operation of televisions, radios or any amplification device. The way it reads, no one in a residential area in Guelph can listen to their radio or TV at ANY LEVEL OR ANY TIME. go ahead and look at the chart near the end. I have looked at other cities noise by-laws and Toronto sets a time when tv’s or radios can not be used. Ottawa sets a time and even a decibal level. I understand the importance of a noise bylaw especially in a town that has many students (and parties) at certain times of the year. This specific law almost seems like a violation of my rights, I could walk past your home and hear your television through your window and call the by-law, and it would be within the law to do so.

  2. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I talked to our Bylaw supervisor about your concern. He clarified that the City’s Bylaw defines noise as a sound that is of such a volume or nature that it is likely to disturb the inhabitants of the City of Guelph.

    Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement staff must respond to all calls. It is up to staff to determine if the noise would likely disturb the “reasonable person.”

    If you have any questions, you can contact the Bylaw office at 519-836-7275 at any time.

    I hope this helps.


    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  3. HK Says:

    After 9 months of ongoing complaints to Guelph City Hall and the City Police service, we are frustrated at trying to get some resolution to the ongoing, illegal, level of noise from the so-called “Cowboy Bar” at 166 Wyndham Street.

    What keeps happening is the same situation, over and over again. The nightclub is continually violating our noise by-law (Number (2000)-16366) by playing their amplified music over and over again as late as 2:45am. We call the police repeatedly as advised by the by-law department, and nothing ever ever happens. Ever. Except for us and our neighbours being kept awake every single weekend by this inconsiderate business. To our knowledge, with almost a dozen calls reporting an obviously excessive breech of the by-law (as my building is over 120 yards away) not one violation has ever been issued!

    Apparently the City’s Bylaw subjectively defines noise as “a sound that is of such a volume or nature that it is likely to disturb the inhabitants of the City of Guelph”. Hearing the ungodly noise from this bar in our home, with all of our windows closed at a distance of hundreds of feet, would constitute a level of noise that to any reasonable person would be unacceptable, especially at 2:30 in the morning.

    I doubt this ongoing level of noise would be tolerated if this were a house full of college students making a quarter as much noise as this nightclub.

    Why does there seem to be a double standard in this city whereby the bar owners seem to be above the law? What will it take to resolve this?

  4. foxhound Says:

    Good morning, I want to say many thanks for an appealing website about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now. I have been checking in and reading through the comments avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for delivering me with some very informative reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more active part in the conversations here, whilst picking up some knowledge too!!

  5. fred Says:

    As a new resident of the city of Guelph, I was
    amazed to see yelling, screaming, public
    urination and smashing of beer bottles at 2 in
    the morning in my residential neighbourhood
    on Rodgers Road.

    Why would anyone pay $250,000 for a home
    where this type of behaviour occurs frequently?
    When will this problem be cleaned up? Can you give me a specific time line?

  6. kfarbridge Says:

    A number of pilots were conducted last fall, including both education and enforcement, that appear to have been very successful in reducing incidents like the one you experienced. The results of these pilots will be analysed and brought forward for Council’s consideration during the 2011 budget process. I suspect this will be one of many pressures for additional funding that Council will need to weigh.

  7. roaul prescod Says:

    I live on powell st., and I get woken up at 1am- 3am. by the loud sounds of a backhoe , clearing snow from the play area of Victory school. I would like to know if there is anything I could do to have this activiety done at a more reasonable hour?

  8. viki Says:

    Looks like our respectful and diligent mayor is hard at work to keep vandalism and trashy behavor, as well as noisy neighbors out of our way! Right now you should wish to live nowhere except Guelph, top it off with the joy of seeing them “working on their inner beauty” . Wow!, what a wonderful city, what a wonderful mayor!!!

  9. Kimberley Says:

    I live in housing with thick concrete walls. my neighbour plays loud music all the time and when we call in the noise complaint it takes an hour or more to get someone out! and to top it off the neighbour will not answer their door so then by-law will knock on my door and ask if I am the caller, my neighbour can hear this conversation. my landlord will not do anything about the noise as we do not get incident number because there is never an answer at the neighbours what can we do???

  10. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Kimberley,

    I posed your question to the Manager of Bylaw Compliance & Security, and here is the answer:

    Bylaw Compliance staff do have the ability to proceed with charges even though contact with the resident may not occur. You can contact Doug Godfrey, Manager of Bylaw Compliance & Security, to request a review of this matter with respect to staff response times and their attendance at your residence. Doug can be reached by telephone at 519-822-1260 x 2520 or by e-mail at

    I hope this is helpful.


    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  11. Kelly Says:

    My neighbour’s children who are adults are always blasting the music in their car at all times of the day could be 11am to. 6am and although it’s only for a short amount of time it’s still very disturbing like you sleeping in the daytime or night time. When I call to report they said not much to be done since it’s only short amount of time but how is it not disturbing if it bothers

  12. Kelly Says:

    People. A bylaw officer spoke to them but it continues the next morning and possibly louder. I don’t know what is the next step if they won’t stop. I’m already putting up with their throwing garbage on my lawn, being on my propery to smoke and damaging the road/curve with thei car repair in front of my house and their friends yelling at 2am after the bar. Not sure how much more patient i should be.

  13. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    It’s recommended that you call Police and ask for Bylaw officers to attend. The Noise Bylaw does not restrict based on duration, so it doesn’t matter that it’s only for a short amount of time.

    I hope this helps.

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  14. John Says:

    I have to say that the current governing body has little effect on stopping noise issues.
    Students are out of control and the mass of lodging home is the south end are not regulated.

    Other cities have better control on the situation but our current mayor has little to none.

    Guelph should give tax breaks to home owners that are located near student dwellings.

    Hey Karen! Why don’t you ride along with the Bylaw officers, so you can see the issue at hand.

    We need to rally and stick together as community

  15. kfarbridge Says:

    John, we have been taking multi-pronged approach (enforcement, education and zoning) to address this issue working with the neighbourhood associations. We share best practices with other cities who experience similar issues. On a personal note, while I have had personal experience with this issue, I trust the experience of the constituents who have engaged me on this issue and are seeking solutions.

  16. Nancy Says:

    We just got a bunch of students moving into a house located on water street and between Forest Hill drive and Maple street, partying into the late night and getting drunk, yelling out on the street on Aug 20, 2011. The future of our used-to-be quiet-neighborhood is quite bleak. I only saw taxis drove by to pick up some drunk riders, there was no police car patrolling in the neighborhood. I swear I will file a noise complaint if they don’t quiet down soon. If city of Guelph need cash, this is where to make revenue for the city, I would suggest, the fine for noise complaint (from 11 p.m. to midnight) is 300 dollars, and increase additional 100 dollars for every late hours into the night.

  17. hmmmm Says:

    Ok, so what if there is no noise bylaw in your area and the police get called at 8pm for fireworks and there is no regs for firework. this is commercial land and there are renters complaining next door. Their landlord didnt tell them there is a band next door. How do we make them stop??

  18. Larry Says:

    Following Nancy’s post, I believe that making fines more expensive will do little to help the problem. I was once a student who enjoyed partying, but now that I have a family I realize the effects of loud neighbors. I believe that the city, must work in conjunction with the University to fix this problem. The manager of off campus housing, and Doug Godfry should consider academic sanctions to fix this problem, something that other university cities have developed. A student will not consider a large fine as a means of deterrent. With hold there marks, until they change there attitudes about noise complaints. Hire a company to be a mediator between the students and there family neighbors, to figure out what is appropriate. Slapping a fine is an ineffective way of problem solving.

  19. Al Says:

    Angry townies in here. You were once young too. Maybe go over and talk to your neighbour sometime during the day and discuss the situation instead of calling the police. Many kids don’t realize how disruptive noise is.

  20. Bill Hulet Says:


    I’ve been down this road before. The university absolutely REFUSES to get involved in the way you suggest. I’ve met with the relevant parties and they say that this would be against the law. (Other universities have codes of conduct, but this is a useful excuse, if nothing else.)


    Don’t hesitate to call in a noise complaint. The city now has the parking bylaw enforcement officers responding to noise complaints. This has totally ended the old police argument that “they have more important things to do”. The bylaw officers don’t worry about court costs, so they don’t hesitate to lay charges the way the police used to. My experience is that the people holding the parties freak once they realize that they are going to get fined and the loud parties stop real fast.

  21. Desert Says:

    You know were not kids and there is no bylaw where we live and we get complaints ever time we have fireworks at like 8 pm and we have a band too and they have to practice. This is commercial land. I think people complain to much and it shouldn’t be a problem if before 11 for any noise , rediculas

  22. Jim Says:

    Desert – Guess it depends on where you are. Personally, if you do not run past 11pm then come and be our neighbour. My kids love fireworks and everyone in the family plays an instrument. Would love to hear you and even jam, as long as you are playing music as apposed to banging noise. Rock n Roll for ever is our motto.

  23. Bill Hulet Says:


    There must be people in the neighbourhood who can be annoyed by the noise you are making, that should be enough for you to take a hint and stop making a racket.

    As to the 11:00pm time, do you know when your neighbours have to get up to go to work? Lots of people have to get up at 5:00am to get to work on time. That means that they have to hit the hay around 9:00pm to not be the walking dead the next day. Never thought about that, did you?

    If you have a band that wants to practice, why not use acoustic instruments? Or headphones? I had a roomie in university who used to play the electric guitar all the time in our house and it never bothered anyone because he used a pre-amp and headphones instead of a full amplifier. If you want to have band practices, the emphasis should be on YOU to find a way to do so without waking up your neighbours, not the neighbours to accommodate you.

    It shouldn’t be rocket science—–.

  24. hmmmm Says:

    Yea, there are to many whiners out there we have tenants too but we tell them before they move it is rude the guy renting out place beside us doesn’t tell the people.

  25. hmmmm Says:

    The funny thing is that we lived in the city and had less problems. We spent 425000 on a house on commercial land with no noise bylaw and fireworks regs and spent 40 000 on equipment to not hear it, that is just silly how will the people that come over hear it. lol i didn’t spend all that money to accommodate renters that live next door. the bar in town has to shut down by 11 and there were tons of name on a petition and they could stop the bar from opening in a residential/commercial property. Why wouldn’t it be that same for us.

  26. Kate Says:

    Hi All,

    To those that think there are too many people complaining, please usnderstand that we are (if I can speak for ‘us complainers’) for the most part, hard working parents. Some parents with young children as well. Not to mention shift workers….

    There is nothing worse then finally falling asleep and then being startled awake but shouts, laughter, breaking glass, etc., just because students are back and want to have fun. You are right, we were young once and I am sure many of us partied by I can strongly say that I have NEVER pee’d in someone’s front yard!!! It seems that the inconsideration of others is getting worse and its a sad thing. When you amplify this by repeated parties, not necessarily limited to weekends (althought I am not saying its okay to be inconsiderate as long as its on a Friday/Saturday night. People work shift work you know!). Its incredibly frustrating.

    Really – all I want is sleep and to not repeat this scenario….

    Think about this – you are 13 years old, you wake up to screams, you look out the window and see some teenager peeing in your front lawn (my daughter had this happen and when I went out, I found a girl peeing on our lawn and she lived in the house across the street!). Also, on a sunny Sonday morning at 11:00 am I’m looking out my window and a ‘boy’ walks out the front door of a student house, throws his gym bag into his car and walks to my neighbours tree and starts peeing, as if this is normal acceptable behavior.

    When you have to deal with these situations on an ongoing basses, it gets very frustrating…. its been 9 years for us. Our street was pretty and quiet when we moved in 10 years ago, and it seemed to be in a nice area of town (near the mall). Now, there are 9 Student houses within 2 blocks (even more around the corner!), and there is one house that is currently partioning to become a boarding house. Take a walk down Scottsdale Dr and you would think that’s the slums of Guelph with all the garbage lying on the ground.

    Its really getting to be too much. This generation that has the feeling of “entitlement” needs to be given a reality check. There are others around that they NEED to consider.

    I agree that, for the “student housing” issue, there needs to be better control of how many houses within a certain area are aloud, force the Undiversity to take accountablity over their students (hey, if you can’t get your marks until you return your library books, there has to be something they can do!) and put some responsibility on absentee landlords who won’t look after their property.

    And Mayor Karen…. I’ll be at the meeting at 4:45 on Sept 13 for the boarding house issue on Ervin. If its approved, are you going to giving the neighbours in that area YOUR home phone number so that we can call you when this issue causes problems (parking, speeding, and noise)That are repeatedly encountered??? Why should my neighbours and I have to keep calling, especially when there is an established patern of noise complaints???

  27. Desert Says:

    Dont bother the students, let them have fun or you will Lose business and they will go some where different for school. This is easily found on the Internet …,

  28. mark Says:

    I cant understand why anyone would live in the University part of Guelph if they arent students. You are just asking for problems: loud music and kids singing down the street at 2am. If you moved here without inquiring about these issues its buyer beware. Teenagers will be teenagers and its not going to change over the next 20 years.

  29. Fred Says:

    There were few students when we purchased this house, and no problems. Now it
    seems like the city is losing control. These privileged children, and I do mean children,
    act like they they are entitled brats. Let them go somewhere else and give us back our city.

  30. Fred Says:

    It is Saturday, September 24, 12:25 PM and students are yelling on the street in front of
    my house. Why? Perhaps the Mayor can explain why. This has been going on for an
    hour now, and last night I was woken up at 1:30.. Mayor, what legal changes have you
    brought about so that this does not occur?

  31. Tim Says:

    We just moved into the Kortright and Edinburgh area a month ago…..Hartsland plaza area. It is our first time in a de-ttached house and we were looking forward to some privacy, peace and quiet now that we have made the plunge into a family home after saving for a good decade. We paid $400,000 for this house and looked into the student rental situation before buying. There were two within “earshot” which we thought would be reasonable. They are not even on our street actually, but wow are they making themselves known.

    Long story short – we work a lot of weekends and are up by 5:30am. It is now after 11pm and I am steaming frustrated at this ongoing situation. After going and introducing myself to the student group tonight around 10pm and reasonably asking that they turn the outdoor music off and stop the yelling – well I am now typing this after 11pm. The conversation went well with the young man I spoke with, but between our polite conversation and his walk back to his backyard I think lack of maturity and/or peer pressure took over.

    We put up with the noise the first few weekends of school thinking “OK they are having a couple weeks of fun”. This was a mistake – we should have just called the bylaw to deal with it the first minute of unreasonable noise. Zero tolerance is now my motto. As of 2 hours ago we put in our first noise complaint and are still waiting for the music and yelling and screaming to subside, potential sleep hours down to about 6.

    If this keeps up, even though we have only been here for 30 days – we will certainly move out of the city entirely….I will gladly say goodbye to my closing costs for a good night of sleep. My wife works in Guelph and I commute west. We chose Guelph because we thought it would be a great place to raise our family, this is indeed in question as I look on MLS for listings in the community I work in. My wife always did say she liked a 30 minute commute to have a coffee in the morning. $400,000 party house anyone?

    I am new to this problem so don’t have the history or any great suggestions to rectify the problems… the top of my head I am just thinking common decency and respect for others is lacking. Maybe there is a way to involve the property owners in noise charges. Say a $400 fine is issued after a noise complaint – 50% or $200 goes to the tenant and 50% or $200 to the property owner. Not sure is this has been discussed or if this is even a possibility.

  32. Susan Ratcliffe Says:

    Noise is not just generated by students. It is exploded across the river valley by motorbikes, motorcycles, souped up cars and loud truck engines driving along Wellington St. They seem to have junked their mufflers, or installed after market mufflers that generate more noise than bearable. It echoes across the river, ruining our evening walks on the river trails.
    They scream down the Hanlon, stop at the lights, rev up and scream around the corner and thorugh town on Wellington St.
    It’s time to ban motorbikes and cars from Guelph unless they can demonstrate a quiet motor. It’s time to move the trucks from Wellington to Stone Road which is not a residential area.
    This is a key issue for noise control. And yes – we have called the by-law officers and the police. It’s hard to catch them after they flash by.

  33. Tim Says:

    I left a post on Saturday night about noise issues. We had the same problem — with a different house of students on Sunday night.

    This time I didn’t even bother going over as it was a group of 15-20 young drunk girls…..we ate our late dinner with our windows shut tightly on a beatiful evening when we could have been enjoying the backyard to the repeating chorus of “5,4,3,2,1 drink!! ahhhhhh good job Laura blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!” Unbelievable.

    I am guessing “Laura” isn’t in school this morning but my wife and I got up and went to work on little sleep again. This needs to be dealt with. We have talked about it and are going to try and ride this mess out for one fall season, if the city lets us down in regards to strict and immediate enforcement of peacful neighbourhoods we are going to have to move for sanity reasons. Wow.

  34. Fred Says:

    Tim, keep calling the police until the noise stops. Put the number on speed dial.

    Mrs. Mayor, please listen to what people are saying. Who wants to live in this city with
    these continuous problems?

  35. tim Says:

    Every body needs to grow up the last thing we need is the government running our lives even more this country is becoming a communist country and as for the people complaining about every little noise buy ear plugs i have two kids 6 &15 they do normal everyday kids stuff what i call living and having fun and i will be damned if i will make them tippy toe around so no one gets offended i work two jobs i leave @ 6 am and don’t get home until 10:30 at night and would be the last person to complain about family’s having a life .ps we all pay taxes and we all have rights too

  36. R Says:

    That’s right. they are only problem if you complain. get ear plugs,

  37. Fred Says:

    March 17, 2012

    There were 7 Police Cars on Kortright today trying to keep the student problem under
    control. When I last drove by one officer was taking video in front of the party house.
    I wonder if Tim has left the city yet. Having a couple hundred drunk 20 year olds milling
    about on the sidewalk in front of your house will probably make you question why you
    would buy a house here.

    It’s 7:42 PM on Rodgers road and the screaming has gone on for several hours now.

  38. Morgan Says:

    We have lived in Guelph for eight years and have been lucky so far, but as of a couple of months ago a house was rented out to a bunch of students and within weeks they have managed to ruin what was a perfectly nice street. Not only are there noise issues, but groups of students (the house they are renting is two houses down) have been “partying” in our driveway and lawn, leaving bottles and cans on our property. Isn’t this trespassing? Noise is bad enough but using our property is something else entirely. We’re afraid to call the police because, knowing how these kind of people are, they are likely to seek revenge by vandalizing our property in the future. Moving is not something I had anticipated at this point, but given that the city seems unwilling to deal with these situations, we are thinking of getting out before everyone else on the street puts their homes up for sale and our property value collapses. All this because of one house of spoiled, selfish students ruining things for over a dozen families. I really can’t believe there is nothing the city can do to curb this type of behaviour and support the hard-working, tax-paying residents of Guelph.

  39. Fred Says:

    To be fair, the mayor, council and police did a great job in anticipating and defusing
    problems before they arose. And the students here were happy celebrating, and not
    angry like those in London whose economy was battered in the last recession. The
    rioting in London was probably the predictable response of marginalized, disaffected,
    hopeless youth.

  40. Ali Says:

    We live in the West end and have for years, the people behind us who I believed just moved in and are renting are excessively screaming and yelling on a regular basis. We could hear them in the winter time when they would do so inside their house and now because of the warm weather they are doing it outside their house. They are clearly teenagers and will commence this yelling/screaming and jumping on their trampoline after school until 9-10pm and then all day on the weekends. Their screaming and yelling also includes swearing and profanities. Last night we finally said something – my boyfriend said can you please keep it down. The response from them was not appropriate. The mom brought up another neighbor who has parties (not EVERYDAY) and finally went inside telling them to yell inside. The kids then proceeded to say OMG its only *$%^*& 7pm – I politely said that we have a 24 hour noise bylaw and that we did not want to fight with them, but that its important we all respect one another so we can all enjoy our backyards. The response to that was one of the teenagers yelling at me at the top of her lungs “we don’t bleeping care”. I now see why some people skip even talking to the person and going directly to enforcers. First off I cannot believe that the mother allows her children to talk like this on a regular basis let alone to other adults who are trying to enjoy their backyard in a peaceful and respectable manner. No one has been out back since they have been out there. I am not sure where to go from here I feel as though their behavior may escalate seeing as when we politely asked them they reacted so rudely. I have read the bylaw and it says yelling and screaming between the hours of 7am-11pm but then also states that it is a by-law to prohibit and regulate unusual noises or noises likely to disturb the inhabitants – does this mean we are within our rights to complain? I would not complain if this was a once and a while occurrence but seeing as it is everyday and they are extremely vulgar enough is enough.
    Any feedback and or suggestions would be great. We wanted to address it in a manner that would cause a huge rift but clearly as seen above these people are unreasonable and lack respect. I would also like to contact the landlord but not sure how to find out his information.

  41. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Ali,

    I contacted the City’s Manager of Bylaw Compliance & Security, Doug Godfrey, about your questions, and he encourages you to call in your complaint (call the Guelph Police Services non-emergency number at 519-824-1212). They will dispatch Police or By-law staff to respond.

    If you would like more information about the noise by-law or to discuss further, you can Doug at 519-822-1260 ext. 2520 or He would be happy to help.

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  42. Ali Says:

    Thank you for your help Kate it is very much appreciated!

  43. Tim Says:

    Yes we are still here Fred, and were witness to the St Patricks day event. First day off work to do yard work all but ruined by the hundreds of students yelling, littering, swearing, blasting music etc etc. Efforts by police and by-law were appreciated but less than effective….we left town early afternoon after having enough. So glad the nice weather is here.
    Overtaken by noise…..Tim.

  44. Linda Says:

    I would welcome the large student housing unit at Stone and Gordon. It is the only alternative I have heard so far, to the only other plan that seems to be in effect, which is let entire neighborhoods be bought out by absentee landlords, and rented to an unsupervised student population with a very variable set of social skills and maturity. This really impacts on the quality of life of other residents, some of whom actually invested in these neighborhoods when they were quite a bit more diverse.
    I have NO problem with rental houses, or houses occupied by students, or anyone else, and would not even know they exist, or care, nor would it even be my business, if there were not problems associated with them. I have to routinely, such things as, “familiar garbage” -( that you recognize year after year re emerging from the snow), night time screaming, yelling, wailing and profanities, -( no it is not always “happy” partying! which I am quite tolerant of) – broken glass on the sidewalks, roof parties, parking over sidewalks and grass, amplified music that I cannot drown out by my own tv, the thumping in my chest of a cranked up bass even with all my windows closed, occasional angry threats from angry or stoned persons, finding liquor bottles in my back yard, having my old dog hit by a liquor bottle flying over the fence, garbage bags every single week left behind for non compliance, etc. These things really get in your face and are, every year, more and more, the reality in these areas. Yes I do call at times, usually after they have had other calls by other people. Yes there is some response and effort by police and by law. No, that is not working and not adequate to keep these neighborhoods safe and reasonable places to live.

  45. Tim Says:

    Well said Linda. There are a lot of people feeling the same way you do. While the high rise student dwelling on Gordon could maybe help the problems from growing and getting worse, I don’t see this as a solution to the numerous existing issues.

    Could there be a Guelph specific student rental agreement that applied to all houses where 2 or more students reside that would pre-emptively have them sign an agreement that clearly lays the ground rules for living in a neighbourhood with working families. When a problem arises they could be charged at least $500 without all the levels of warnings that currently exist. Right now I see the students laugh it off as a joke when By-law is called to their address. The fines and penalties need to be raised to a level where there is actual consequence for their actions. Also it would be helpful if the property owner would be tied into fines. Right now absentee landlords have no vested interest in renting to responsible tenants. As long as the cheques don’t bounce they do not have any interest in what goes on at their rental property. It would be my guess that the majority of landlords would not know when there has been problems at their rental properties.

  46. Kimberley Wettlaufer Says:

    I live on the 9th floor of a 9 story apartment building provided by the Guelph non profit housing authority. I live beside the stairs to the roof. We have been having various work done on the roof of our building since the beginning of March 2013. I have not received notice about the work being done above my apartment and the noise is driving me crazy. I work midnights and am unable to sleep do to all the noise. I have left messages daily for housing to call me back and I still have not received a call. I have put in for a transfer but have been told that it would take years for this to happen and have even been told that I should consider giving up my housing and get something market rent. I do not know how much more of this I can take and no one can give me advice on what I can do!!! please help

  47. kfarbridge Says:

    Guelph Non-Profit Housing Corporation owns and manages 512 rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units and market rent units through the social housing programmes; established through a mandate “to provide rent-geared-to-income and market rent housing to families and single persons and seniors”. The Guelph Non-Profit Housing Corporation also owns and manages 33 affordable rental housing units located in Guelph.

    Guelph Non-Profit Housing Corporation has a management agreement with the County of Wellington. The County’s Housing Services provides all the administrative and property management services for these properties and act as the landlord for these Guelph Non-Profit Housing Corporation owned units. A board of directors provides governance responsibilities for the corporation.

    The following page provides contact information along with the Chair of the Board of Directors.

    Additionally, this website provides a tenant link to a community resource – Legal Clinic of Guelph Wellington

  48. Dr. Tim Toolman Says:

    It’s just noise. Grow up. Seriously.
    You’re all doing that thing where you’re turning into your parents.

  49. Amers Says:

    I live in the south end and I am in an apartment building. I get the fact it’s an apt your gonna get noise from neighbours above or below, but seriously enough is enough.

    The tenants up above us have a young child i get the fact a kid is allowed to play but when she’s running up and down the hallway and thudding on the floor constantly, it gets to be bothersome. My dad, boyfriend and I are not sleeping properly at night because the kid runs around upstiars till 1 or 2 in the morning some nights. We have spoken to the landlord about it they have done everything they can, its the parents not listeing they figure its a kid she’s allowed to play and blah blah.

    I am just wondering what can be done as we are getting tired of losing sleep over it. At one point the landlord told us we don’t like it then move we want out of this place but to find and apt or whatever within our budget (as we are on socail assistance) is not easy can’t take it here let alone afford it here anymore what more can I do please help.

  50. KFarbridge Says:

    Thank you Amers. I will ensure our staff are aware of your concerns. Karen

  51. Moe Says:

    Hi, I have appeared before my local council seeking a change to our by-laws to allow Urban Chickens, they were not very receptive, citing fears of noise, disease outbreaks and unfair competition with egg farms. Could you give me some information or direct me to the best person to ask, who know how Guelph has managed to avoid these calamities and still manages to exist while allowing Backyard Chickens? Thanks for any help you can give me!

  52. petronillandebele Says:

    Thank you for taking time to share your concerns.

    On behalf of Mayor Farbridge, I contacted the City’s Manager of Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing, Doug Godfrey about your concerns. He will get in touch with you.
    Petronilla Ndebele
    Mayor’s Office

  53. Moe Says:

    THank you very much, I appreciate it!

  54. Donald Sider Says:

    I live across from the public library on Woolwich street.
    The piano is has been left outside all summer long 24hrs a day.
    People have been attempting to play this through the early morning hrs.
    I have noise and video recordings at 2-5 am all summer.
    It keeps me awake in the apartment across the street.
    Why would anyone think this is a good idea

  55. kfarbridge Says:

    I will ensure the organizers are made aware of your concerns.

  56. MarLin Says:

    I live near the hospital and moved here Spring 2013; since then, I have not been able to enjoy my beautiful backyard because of kids yelling, screaming, staring at us, shouting things at us – in our backyard, early in the evening and until dark. Yes, I must go inside because I cannot stand the racket, it’s like a community playground with all the noise. Certainly there must be a bylaw to govern this type of behaviour. What really irks me is the parents, do they really think all the neighbours around them enjoy listening to this disturbance of their peaceful enjoyment in their own backyard? Wake up and teach your kids some manners, give them boundaries, show respect!

  57. MarLin Says:

    Oh, forgot to include the most significant part – it’s all coming from a Trampoline, which should be banned from backyards unless it’s on a farm – how about changing the bylaw so your residents can not resent having to pay their exorbitant property taxes and want to stay put. Stop allowing undisciplined dogs & kids to ruin our neighbourhoods because of their incompetent owners/parents/guardians.

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