Recycling saves energy

August 14, 2008


As part of the community consultation for the Waste Management Master Plan, one of our staff created this interesting presentation called “Lets Talk Waste”.  Click here to view the whole presentation but here is one interesting statistic relevant to Operation Power Down and energy conservation:

The energy saved by recycling a glass container can power a compact fluorsecent light bulb for 4 hours.

So make sure you return your wine bottles!  At the City, we are upgrading our glass sorting technology to better extract glass from the waste stream.  And the draft Waste Management Master Plan is encouraging the City to lobby Provincial and Federal governments for more product stewardship programs – like the deposit systems for glass and beverage containers we see in most other Provinces except Ontario.

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3 Comments on “Recycling saves energy”

  1. Andy Donlan Says:

    Have you ever tried returning wine bottles to the beer store? The beer store is a pit – it’s a slimy, greasy, ugly, smelly, dirty, stupid, slow pit. And I’m being kind.

    I throw all my wine bottles in the garbage – I’m not putting myself through that crap.

  2. Brian Holstein Says:

    Andy, I don’t know what beer store you have visited, but I have not had the experience that you describe.There is a different clientele but the staff has always been efficient and friendly. If anything is dirty, it could be the empties that are brought in – I have seen some disgusting sights at times, butr only rarely and that has nothing to do with the Beer Store staff.

    Recycling is, unfortunately, still a matter of personal decision. But if you intend to put your bottles in the garbage, why not leave them at the curb in a separate box. You can be assured that someone will pick them up and have them recyclced – and get the deposits for their effort.

  3. Ray Says:

    Hi my friends in Guelph:
    Although I lived in Guelph from 2001-2008 and have moved to Ottawa, I liked our garbage sorting system and have been proud of our initiatives. However, City of Ottawa has launched a green bin system in January, 2010 ( which is greener. Hope one day, city of Guelph can start it.
    A former Guelpher who still love Guelph, Ray

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