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August 26, 2008


Members of the Guelph delegation split up this afternoon to cover off several workshops:

Hans Loewig attended a workshop that highlighted projects similar to what we are planning to do on the Baker Street parking lot.  Several contacts were made to follow up on their experience.

Margaret Neubauer attended a workshop on the review of market value assessment that is happening this fall.  There are 4.7 million homes and/or businesses to be reassessed.  They will be mailing 470,000 assessments a week for 10 weeks starting in mid to late September.  While some businesses and homes will go up in assessed value, an equal amount of businesses and homes will go down in assessed value.  Something new this time is that increased assessments will be phased in.  So for instance, if your home was previously assessed at $180,000 and your new assessed value is $220,000, then your property taxes will be based on $190,000 in 2009, $200,000 in 2010, $210,000 in 2011 and $220,000 in 2012.  This will buffer some of the sharp swings that we have seen in the past when the Province has done a reassessment.  MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) has committed to extensive consultation with communities.  We will arrange a workshop with City Council.

Councillor Beard attended a workshop on the new provincial pesticide legislation.  A draft of the legislation will be available this fall.  The ban on pesticide use for lawns is to come into effect in 2009.  Lawn pesticides will be removed from retail stores.

I attended a session on district energy systems.  The project that Markham has embarked on in their new Markham City Centre bears many similiarities with our goals for the York District Lands (Guelph Innovation District).  I was able to speak with the President of Markham District Energy Inc. about the possibility of visiting their project to learn more about their process.

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