Guelph Junction Express

September 21, 2008

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On Saturday, I participated in the launch the inaugural run of the Guelph Junction Express, a premier, year round railway dining and sightseeing experience. 

The tourist train will run from the River Run to Guelph Junction (at Campbellford below HWY 401 at the Guelph Line) along Guelph Junction Railway’s trackage. 

Guelph Junction Railway was founded in 1884 as a Federally Chartered Rail Transportation Company and one of only a few Canadian Shortline Railways providing daily direct service to both CN and CP.  Guelph Junction Railway is owned by the City of Guelph and serves several businesses in Guelph.

The ride offers a spectacular and unique view of our surrounding rural landscape.  The food is great too!

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5 Comments on “Guelph Junction Express”

  1. Paul Tatham Says:

    Karen, Guelph Junction, the end point of the GJE is a couple of miles west of Campbellville, not Campbellford.

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    Thanks. I will make the change. I wish I could say that I haven’t made this mistake before!

  3. John Lang Says:

    I am very sorry your tourist train is no more. We drove from Scarborough to Guelph to ride it. Talked to a gent from Montreal who had come with his family for the experience. I wonder how many visitors will be lost due to its demise. I cannot see anything to replace this vacuum.

  4. kfarbridge Says:

    There are many others in the tourism industry who provide opportunities for people visiting Guelph and Wellington County:

  5. John Lang Says:

    Thank you, yes. But, personally roller girls in action doesn’t really appeal, no reflection on the programme. There are of course other venues, Orangeville, for example for a dinner train, but I’ve always liked Guelph since I was a kid (60 years ago 😦 )

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