State of the City Address

Today I delivered my annual State of the City address to the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.  This annual event has been hosted by the Chamber for around a decade.  Like all good ideas, it has spread beyond this event.  I approached several groups this year about delivering the State of the City address to their members and, as a consequence, I will be delivering the address to more than eight groups over the next few months in a variety of venues.  I appreciate the interest in the community about the work being done by Council and City Staff on their behalf.

Update: I will deliver my presentation at a FREE event hosted by the Guelph Civic League on Saturday, December 13. The event starts at 10:30 a.m. at the Civic League’s new offices at 10 Carden Street. Everyone is welcome to attend!

You can view the State of the City address in a variety of formats.  Click here

Since most of the presentations that I will be giving occur over breakfast or lunch, we decided to produce a placemat – Making a Difference – Priorities, Progress and Plans – to highlight our progress in delivering on the goals of the community strategic plan.  To view the placemat, click here.

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2 Comments on “State of the City Address”

  1. Lloyd Longfeild Says:

    Congratulations on this morning’s report on the state of the Corporation of the City of Guelph. It was excellent to have business, City Council, and the senior management team in the same room to discuss the progress against Guelph’s Strategic Plan. Business needs to be focused more now than ever on its strategic priorities, and the example the City is providing is an excellent one. Stakeholders may disagree with some priorities, but having the framework for our discussion so clearly presented gives us all a better way to have productive dialogue. It is easy for any of us to have our own issues seem like the most important issue to be discussed, but taking a step back with an overview such as this shows the context and complexity of the operation of the city. It was also useful to see the management process being used to set forward directions. The Chamber of Commerce sincerely appreciates the time taken present a complex topic in language business can understand.

  2. Cam Guthrie Says:

    I also thank you for your presentation Mayor Farbridge.

    1 suggestion if I may – next year if you could have comparison charts of how we were 2007 vs 2008 (or 2008 vs 2009) showing increases or decreases in certain areas such as hired staff, reserve levels, tax increases and so on… that would be good to see.

    Comparing us to other Cities for certain issues was also good but comparisons internally would interest me.

    Obviously, don’t do it just for me – I’m thinking other’s might be want to see those stats as well. 🙂

    Thank you,

    Cam Guthrie

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