Water concerns and Dolime Quarry

January 9, 2009

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Here is the letter I sent on behalf of Council expressing our concerns regarding the potential impact on water quality of Dolime quarry activities. This issue also came up at a recent State of the City presentation.

Letter to MNR

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2 Comments on “Water concerns and Dolime Quarry”

  1. Ken Spira Says:

    Dear Editor,

    “The City’s goal is to ensure that it’s water supply is protected now and in the future”. It is admirable to see the City take on the province over the Dolime Quarry impact and it is clear that the city is upset and opposed due to the possible contamination to Guelph’s watery supply. I find this sincere concern for our future water supply inconsistent with Guelph’s lack of concern for the same aquifer below city owned lands.
    The protective layers of the Guelph formation, followed by the Eramosa formation that is protecting the Amabel formation may not exist at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre, leaving the Amabel aquifer the most vulnerable at the Dunlop Dive location as documented in the May 2006 Guelph-Puslinch ground water protection study. It was short sited to place the Wet/Dry facility on land with the most vulnerability to contamination of Guelph’s water supply in the first place. The production zone of the Amabel aquifer which provides the bulk of Guelph’s water appears well protected by the Eramosa member that runs continuous beneath much of the city although it appears less distinct and may be thinner or possibly not present below where the City of Guelph is determined to reconstruct the organics facility. The 2006 and 2007 annual reports for the Waste Resource Innovation Centre clearly show the increased levels of contamination compared to the base line study in the 1991 Jagger Hims hydro geological assessment. Perhaps the City could put as much effort into protecting the Amabel aquifer where it is most vulnerable.

  2. Doug Perkins Says:

    City of Guelph:

    The concern regarding the lime quarry is searious, but most of all is the dinamiting in the quarry which could lead to weakness in our house foundations or as last year and the year before water pipes braking causeing the city to rapair them. Yes I have contacted everyone until it came down to the company who brought out different items stuck them in the ground, and when they came back showed me how they are within the guide lines. Great but our houses were built over 30 years ago and above the ground are some cracks but the worst will happen under the ground because if the ground shifts then something must also move. No one will ever take responsibility just the homeowner.

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