Groundwater at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre site

January 15, 2009

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A recent comment raised some concerns about groundwater protection at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre (WRIC).  I want to clarify that the Ministry of the Environment, which monitors all activities at the site and receives regular reports, has confirmed in recent correspondence that the groundwater quality at the site has not been impacted by the City’s waste handling operation.

Below is some more information from the City’s Geologist and Water Supply Program Manager:

Based on our most recent groundwater protection study (AquaResource, 2007), the City’s bedrock aquifer in the area of the Waste Resource Innovation Centre is no more susceptible to contamination than throughout most of the City.   

The area of the Waste Resorce Innovation Centre has approximately 13 m of overburden sitting on bedrock.  The bedrock is likely the Guelph Formation but the Guelph Formation is relatively thin in this area.  The Eramosa Formation has been mapped in the Guelph-Puslinch Groundwater Protection Study as relatively thin to the north of the site but this interpretation is based on relatively limited data (i.e. a single water well record).  The Eramosa Formation in the area of the WRIC is more on the order of 7 m thick.  The upper Unsubdivided Amabel overlies the City Production Zone.  As a result, there is sufficient natural protection to warrant a low to moderate vulnerability score.

Having reviewed all of the information on the hydrogeological setting of the area of the WRIC, the area has no more groundwater protection concerns than any other industrial site in the City.  Groundwater on the site is monitored and therefore, if there ever was a concern with respect to contaminants from the site, it would be detected and remediated before it becomes an issue.

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