Clerk’s Office Bids Adieu to the Old City Hall



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One Comment on “Clerk’s Office Bids Adieu to the Old City Hall”

  1. Frank Says:


    to whom it may concern, I own a 8 unit apartment building here in Guelph. My tax bill is $14,000 a year. I look at the services I get which is truly appalling. Had a drug dealer in my building with video evidence of deals going down. Nothing was done. The roads are in disrepair, the garbage collection system is a landlords nightmare and does not work. The tax increases annually are more then the rate of inflation while all that I am allowed to increase the rent by is the rate of inflation. So now to top it off we have a “state of the art” City Hall and who gets stuck with another huge tax increase next year? The tax payer.

    People get your head out of the sand and practice some common sense. We are in a recession and times are difficult for the average Joe Tax Payer.


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