Additional Infrastructure Dollars for Guelph

June 29, 2009

Jobs & the Economy

Today, an additional $3.82M of Federal and Provincial infrastructure funding was announced for recreational facilities in Guelph.

These new construction projects will certainly create jobs. When you add this funding to the $44 million in infrastructure funding that was announced earlier this month, you realize that Guelph is going to be a very busy place over the next couple of years. We have a lot of projects to complete, and it will take a lot of hands to complete them. So, the economic stimulus and job creation that will flow from these projects is very good news for our community.

Of course, these projects will also leave a legacy of infrastructure. They are an investment in our future.

I’m pleased that the RInC (Recreational Infrastructure Canada) funding supports recreational and community services infrastructure that has a particularly significant impact on our quality of life. It supports the City’s Strategic Plan goal of being a healthy and safe community where life can be lived to the fullest.

Two of the projects being funded involve repairs, accessibility upgrades, and energy-efficiency improvements at the Evergreen Seniors Centre and the West End Recreation Centre. Both these Centres are very well-used by the community. People go there to stay active, to meet new people, and learn new skills. The repairs and upgrades will help reduce maintenance and energy costs, and ensure these facilities are able to serve the citizens of Guelph for many years to come.

Another project being funded today is a video score clock in the Sleeman Centre. This is something that teams and fans have been looking for a while. And, it will make the Sleeman Centre more competitive in attracting tournaments and events.

Guelph is also receiving funding to build a rink and water feature at the new City Hall. This is a project that the community is very excited about. And I’m excited too. Once the construction fences came down here at City Hall, it was even more obvious what terrific potential the square has as a community gathering place in our downtown. The rink and fountain will draw families from across the city, and be a focal point for special events. Until now, the funding was the missing piece of the puzzle in the Civic Square. So we’re very pleased that the federal and provincial governments have put that piece in place by contributing $1M towards this project.

All of this is very good news for community-building and quality of life in our city. And by strengthening our quality of life, we are also strengthening our city’s competitiveness. First-class community amenities make Guelph more attractive to investment and skilled talent. Quality of life is a major factor for businesses when they are deciding where to locate or expand.

So these investments today not only create jobs in the short-term as projects are completed; they are a solid long-term investment in our economic competitiveness.

This is good news all around.

Here is the news release.

On the site of the Civic Square rink and water feature. Rink Rats Mark Goldberg, Audrey Jamal, Ken Hammill, and Mark Rodford join MP Liz Sandals, MPP Frank Valeriote and Mayor Karen Farbridge

On the site of the Civic Square rink and water feature. Rink Rats Mark Goldberg, Audrey Jamal, Ken Hammill, and Mark Rodford join MPP Liz Sandals, MP Frank Valeriote and Mayor Karen Farbridge

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2 Comments on “Additional Infrastructure Dollars for Guelph”

  1. Leonard Says:

    This is great news. I’m really glad Guelph has done so well in getting infrastructure funding from the province and the feds.

    I’m particularly excited about the rink/fountain in front of City Hall. It will be a great addition to the downtown, and I didn’t think it was realistic or appropriate for companies to be expected to pay for it. After all, City Hall is is literally the centre of our mucipal government and belongs to the people – not to whatever company feels like pitching in. But I digress…we got excellent news today – congrats!

  2. Dinesh Burad Says:

    On Mayor Karen Farbridge’s comments on Canada Day citizenship ceremony about holding the Citizenship ceremony on the ice rink once it is ready :

    Adorable fact and probably will be another unique First’s in Guelphs hat. Bravo Mayor !

    Congrats Guelphites!

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