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Many of you will recall the “Blackout Day” challenge, which was started by Woodstock Mayor Michael Harding and was held every year on August 14 – the anniversary of the North American blackout of 2003. The challenge promoted energy conservation, and Guelph has always done well.

This year, the challenge has evolved to the Count Me In! Community Challenge. We’re competing against other municipalities to see who has the highest percentage drop in electricity consumption on August 14, and who has the highest per capita participation in an online pledge, which you can find at

There are lots of resources on the site, including 100 ways to conserve energy. And if you take the online pledge, you have the chance to win one of three grand prizes as well as daily prizes from the Ontario Power Authority.

For our part, the City will be turning off non-essential lighting and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) wherever possible at City facilities on August 14. Most of the lights at our new City Hall are on motion sensors and only turn on when the room is in use.

You may see some lights on at City Hall on the evening of August 14th – don’t be alarmed! There are a variety of reasons for this: by-law staff work 24 hours; cleaning staff may be working in the evening; and some of the light sensors need to be adjusted – this work is ongoing.

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One Comment on “Join the “Count Me In” challenge”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Why is the HCBP being developed when the east side of the Hanlon not even completed yet? The north end of Guelph has many abandoned and derelict sites that are already polluted and could be re-used.

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