Revised plan will save trees at Goldie Mill Park

August 12, 2009


A number of residents have expressed concerns with a planned parking lot at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. The original plan involved the removal of a number of trees. Staff are now modifying the plan to ensure that most if not all of the trees can be saved, even though that means fewer parking spaces.

The revised plans will be presented at a public meeting, Thursday, August 13, at 7 p.m. in the parking lot at the Guelph Youth Music Centre/ Goldie Mill Park (75 Cardigan Street). Staff will be available for questions. In case of poor weather, the meeting will move inside to the Guelph Youth Music Centre (check for the room number near the main entrance). I will post an update once the meeting has taken place.

Thank you to everyone who raised concerns and submitted comments; this helps us reach a compromise and ensure the project meets the needs of the community.

If you cannot attend the meeting but would like more information, you can contact Helen White, Parks Planner, City of Guelph, 519-822-1260 x 2298 or

UPDATE on location: The meeting will be in the upstairs foyer of the Guelph Youth Music Centre, at the top of the stairs (also accessible by elevator.) Signs have been posted on the doors of the GYMC.

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5 Comments on “Revised plan will save trees at Goldie Mill Park”

  1. Matt Shacklady Says:

    Thank you very much for this!

  2. Helen White Says:

    The City of Guelph would like to thank residents for sending in their comments about the proposed parking lot expansion at Goldie Mill Park/Guelph Youth Music Centre.

    Based on this feedback, a modified plan will be presented at tonight’s meeting.

    Some of the changes include a revised design so that the majority of the mature trees can remain. Measures to minimize construction impacts on the trees will also be implemented.

    To address concerns about storm water runoff, an oil grit separator will be included in the storm water system, providing additional treatment for water runoff from the parking lot before it enters the Speed River.

    Several aspects of the lighting design have also been revised to address your concerns.

    I hope you can join us at tonight’s meeting where we will present the full revisions for the parking lot expansion.

    Helen White
    Parks Planner
    City of Guelph

  3. Jane Thornton Says:

    I am gratified to see that there is at least one instance in which the City has listened to the will of the people. Now if only those affected and/or concerned by the proposed Hanlon Creek Business Park development plan could be heard and accommodated which such respect and expedience, the notion of a disconnected municipal government operating with impunity may very well lose its popularity. Otherwise, the GYMC compromise appears to be nothing more than a red herring, another environmental crisis esigned to divert attention from the real disaster underway at Hanlon Creek.

  4. Brian Holstein Says:

    ” there is at least one instance in which the City has listened to the will of the people.”

    That comment is uncalled for. Considering past councils, this body has excelled in the consultation process. Simply because a pet peeve has not been addressed adequately in the eyes of a few does not make this council cold and distant as your comment infers.

    We have a mayor who, in her first term, moulded Smart Guelph, with its triple bottom line. I may be out of line, but I believe that the adherence to these principles, often through compromise, govern the actions of this present council.

    “The will of the people”, in my opinion, was expressed at the last election. The people elected a new, progressive council. We do not have the power to accept or veto any and all projects that come before the council; that is the job of the councillors that we the people voted into office. We can appear at council and state our opinions, give suggestions and ask for reconsideration, but we cannot take on the job of the councillors (unless we ourselves run for office).

  5. melanie knapp Says:

    Where ever trees can be looked after and left to grow then that is an amazing outcome. There are many trees in Canada… This is one great asset to our country.

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