Justice grants City injunction to end occupation of Hanlon Creek Business Park lands

August 13, 2009


Click here to read the news release.

As a courtesy, the occupiers have been advised that they have until noon tomorrow (Friday) to leave the site.

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5 Comments on “Justice grants City injunction to end occupation of Hanlon Creek Business Park lands”

  1. Richard H Says:

    Whoopie ask the people in Caledonia about the power of an injunction. It’s really did a lot down there for them.

  2. Amelia Meister Says:

    As a note to all the people reading this, the protester’s have also been granted THEIR injunction which prevents the City from continuing construction.

    Mayor Farbridge: I believe that you are working to do the best for the City with the constraints of the Ontario Places to Grow legislation. I know that there are creative solutions that do not involve creating this business park. They may require much courage and thinking “outside the box” but they do exist.
    In light of this whole issue, maybe arranging a local think tank, that includes residents, economists, scientists, environmentalists, city planners and developers might help to resolve the employment issue.
    The fact is, the world is changing and people want their local governments to reflect that change. You have been put in a very delicate situation, having to abide by certain legislation and also working to protect the environment.
    Choose one. Protect the environment (please) and find creative and revolutionary ways to align with the decrees from higher up.

  3. Kent MacMillan Says:

    Given the outcome of this weeks court injunctions regarding the HCBP I worry now that the focus of the HCBP development has been shifted solely upon the future of the Jefferson Salamander. As important as it is to ensure we do what we can to save an endangered species the bulldozing of green space so close to the city is a much larger concern.

    No one ever speaks out about provincial growth targets forced upon municipal governments by the province. It is these growth targets that fuel “economic growth” strategies that fly in the face of what our real progressive goals should be as a community. Globally it’s becoming accepted that sustainability not growth is the wave of our future and the future of our children. Take a walk on a hot day in August in Mississauga and then come back to Guelph and take that same walk. The difference in air quality and temperature is unbelievably better here. If we continue to develop the way we have including the future HCBP we will eventually lose out and become as impoverished environmentally as places such as Mississauga and Brampton. Bulldozing green space to entice businesses to come to Guelph seems like an antiquated way of thinking. Our value to the global community and our role as Canadians should be to protect the vast green space we are fortunate to be responsible for. Let’s not take that responsibility lightly.

  4. Kent MacMillan Says:

    Why do we need 32,000 new jobs in Guelph?

  5. Eamon Says:

    Because you will have 60 000 more people.

    The Places to Grow legislation has placed the burden on municipalities to deal with the expected population growth that is to take place in the GTA region. This population growth means that more jobs will be needed.

    It is far better to create 32 000 new jobs in Guelph than to have +60 000 in population growth and a mass exodus to Toronto for employment. What impact do you think all those cars commuting will have on the environment?

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