Latest on the Goldie Mill parking lot issue

A mistake was made with respect to the proposal for the Guelph Youth Music Centre Parking Lot both in terms of consultation and the original design.

Our staff have acknowledged this mistake, apologized for it at the meeting last week and have expressed their commitment to work with the neighbourhood to meet their expectations while addressing the legitimate parking needs of the Guelph Youth Music Centre patrons.

I would like to thank the neighbourhood for their input and willingness to collaborate as we move forward.

I would like to thank our staff for their honesty and responsiveness as well as the sincerity with which they have expressed their desire to work with the neighbourhood.

I also want to recognize and thank Councillor Ian Findlay for his leadership on behalf of Council on this matter and helping to facilitate a resolution.  His blog posting summarizing the results of the meeting last week can be found at:

More information can be found about this issue on the neighbourhood’s blog:

Here is the City’s press release.

Councillors frequently play a role,  just like this, in addressing local ward concerns.  Not all of them are as high profile as this particular issue.  Indeed, this is not the first one for this ward.  I recall a similarly challenging issue about a retaining wall for the ward 2 councillors.  In a city this size, with as much activity going  on, there will be others.  This is a great  illustration of the important role our ward Councillors play in a local democracy.

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