Celebrating Diversity – August 17 to 30

August 17 – Paryushana-Parva (Jain) – Celebrated for eight days, Paryushana-Parva is the holiest time of the year and is marked by fasting and worship of the 24 realized teachers of the Jain faith known as Tirthankaras or Jinas.

August 20 – Asma (9th Month) (Baha’i) – The first day of the ninth month.  The English translation of Asma (Arabic) is Names.

August 22- Ramadan Begins (through September 19) (Islam) – This is the holiest period in the Islamic Year and begins at the sighting of the new moon. It commemorates the period during which Prophet Mohammad received divine revelations.  Observing Muslims fast between the hours of sunrise and sunset during the entire month, read the Qu’ran and worship in the mosque or at home.

August 23 – Now-Ruz (Shenshai) (Zoroastrian) – The New Year according to the Shenshai Zoroastrian calendar.

August 23 – Dashalakshani-Parva (Jain) – Celebrated by the Digambara sect and lasts ten days, each day dedicated to a virtue:  humility, honesty, purity, forgiveness, truthfulness, self-restraint, asceticism, study, celibacy and detachment.

Augst 23 – Ganesh Chaturthi (Hindu) – It is in honour of one of Hindu’s major deity, Ganesh, the elephant-headed god.  He is known as the “remover of obstacles” and is invoked at the beginning of all new undertakings.

August 23 – Samvatsari (Jain) – This day is dedicated to introspection,  confession and penance especially for the Shvetambara sect.

August 23 – Notting Hill Festival (UK) – The Notting Hill Festival is held during the last weekend in August. This is a West Indian Street carnival with floats, bands, and stalls.  It began in 1964 with their focus of deterring racism toward Carribbean and other Black immigrants and bringing together the people of the Notting Hill area.

August 30 – St. Rosa of Lima (Peru) – Commemorates a Peruvian saint who lived in Lima.  Her home is now a pilgrimage site, where every 30th of August people come to pray and throw coins, messages and icons into a water well near her home.

 Source: www.multiculturalcalendars.com

Part of a posting series on multicultural events for 2009.

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