How big is your water footprint?

November 8, 2009

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3 Comments on “How big is your water footprint?”

  1. al de jong Says:

    the webpage that talks about the water is headed ‘zero footprint’, well, how can there be zero footprint?

    a short period of dry weather and Guelph must post it’s water restriction advisories, thus the balance between supply and demand is tenuous as we continue to increase the population to accommodate items like ‘places to grow’.

  2. Tara Says:

    This is an interesting exercise and I’m happy to come in well below both the national and Guelph average but can’t help noticing a major flaw. Since the bulk of water use seems to be in the bathroom, it would do well to offer more specifics, such as how often do you shower, do you take baths, and do you “let it mellow”. This is a prime opportunity to show people what a big difference a small action can make. I also think an opportunity is lost in not having any ‘clickables’ to more information on ways residents can further reduce their water footprint.

  3. Karen Farbridge Says:

    Thanks for your feedback as our staff are keenly interested to know how to improve the calculator.

    The calculator will be part of a significant educational program so the education component is coming.

    Zerofootprint is the name of the organization that has developed the calculator for us.

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