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I was invited yesterday to Ottawa to a national round table to present on some of our citizen engagement processes as they are recognized among the best.  Primarily, I discussed our recent process to develop our local growth management structure.  Some of the most interesting components included:

  • a random telephone survey to get a baseline public opinions and concerns related to growth and the City’s future
  • a Community By Design symposium that attracted several hundred people to explore sustainable approaches to growth management
  • the use of an interactive software “game” where citizens could choose different futures for Guelph based on different decisions on growth management
  • hands on exercises with lego and poker chips to identify future infill opportunities and population distribution in the city
  • visualizations of key city streets under different growth scenarios
  • a downtown design charette that created a model of the downtown that could accomodate 5000 more residents
  • youth engagement process to redesign mainstreet sponsored by the Province of Ontario

Here are some images from these activities:


Building a city

Visualizing the future

Visualizing our future


Working with lego


Youth project


Downtown Charette model

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