Live Free Day

March 5, 2010

Making a Difference

Today is Live Free Day -a day when people across the community are living without something in support of the Food and Friends program. This is a program that provides nutritious snacks and meals for students in our community who are going to school too hungry to learn. I have pledged to go without breakfast today in support of the campaign. There are more than 28,000 students, 35 workplaces and 16 individuals who are “living free” today – a tremendous community effort.

You can find out more about Live Free Day or make a donation online at

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One Comment on “Live Free Day”

  1. kfarbridge Says:

    From the organizers:

    We are pleased to announce that with your support, the Live Free Campaign was a great success. It was difficult to go anywhere on March 5th and not have at least one person in the room who was taking the Live Free challenge. Our community was buzzing about Live Free and Food and Friends.

    The current campaign total is $28,000 – with several schools and workplaces left to report their totals!

    The key message of Live Free was that even with only a small change in your daily routine you could help many children who are living without in our community. A nutritious breakfast costs just $1.10, which means we can provide 25,454 breakfasts with the money raised from Live Free. This was achieved by many people giving up something as small as a daily coffee.

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