Update on Water Conservation

Water conservation saves money as well as water.

Since our first Water Conservation and Efficiency Strategy in 1999, the City has successfully reclaimed 1,600 m3/day of water supply and waste water capacity.  Peak summer demand has been reduced by 13,000 m3/day.

This has allowed us to delay the need for $8.2 M in additional water supply and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

The cost of these water conservation programs is significantly less than providing new infrastructure.

Water conservation is also good for the climate.  The program has also meant a cumulative green house gas emission reduction of approximately 220 tonne CO2e (not including additional GHG reductions resulting from water savings of hot water end uses).

The strategy was updated in 2009 and here is some of the progress to date:

  • established a new Water Conservation and Efficiency Public Advisory Committee
  • development of youth and public education
  • initiated a Leak Detection Pilot Program

2010 activities will include:

  • home humidifier rebate pilot program
  • waterless floor drain rebate pilot program
  • residential greywater reuse pilot program
  • residential rainwater harvesting pilot program
  • new home water efficiency labelling program
  • partnership with Guelph Environmental Leadership on Green Impact Guelph
  • Royal Flush Toilet Rebate program
  •  Smart Wash Clothes Washer Rebate Program
  •  Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Replacement Program
  • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Water Capacity Buyback program

As well, staff conducted a water audit of eight City facilities in 2009 and ten retrofit programs were identified.  This work has resulted in the development of a water efficiency standard for new and existing City facilities.  The work on this standard is being finalized and will come forward to Council in the future for approval.

See details on our website.

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