Information Services – What Do They Do Part 3

In the final installment of this series of posts on the Information Service Department, I will cover off some of the work of Information Technology Services.

Their work is highly technical.  They have four areas of responsibility:

  • Client Services – helping people like me figure out what is wrong with their computer
  • Network Services
  • Business Systems
  • Projects and Development

Here are just a few highlights:

  • managed 803 personal computers
  • saved $127,000 in annual phone costs in 2009 through the use of VoIP system
  • managed the move of all systems into the new City Hall
  • prevented 1,250,000 SPAM mails from reaching user inboxes (I like this one)
  • facilitated the transition of over 7000 building permit applications to the Web for improved customer service
  • 6.27 million visits to
  • 1.38 million visits to the redesigned Career section of, a 1200% increase from 2008
  • bus routes and routes were made available via Google Transit Trip Planning on

This hardly does justice to their annual report so here it is for the really curious among you:

2009 Informaton Services Highlights

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2 Comments on “Information Services – What Do They Do Part 3”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’d love to hear about some advanced Green IT initiatives – as an example a large percentage of those 800+ PCs could easily be consolidated into virtual infrastructure and replaced with thin clients for dramatic power savings. I’ve been wondering why a municipality like Guelph hasn’t tried to build a virtual desktop infrastructure service to provide to residents – provide computing as a utility, possibly as a source of revenue for the city, and a green initiative to get old, power hungry PCs out of people’s homes!

  2. Gilles Dupuis - Information Technology Services Says:

    Hello Chris:

    The City’s Information Technology team has already implemented virtualization technology on the network. At this time, 20% of our servers are virtual and our goal is to virtualize between 50 and 75% of the servers. We have also recently initiated an automated program where all monitors across the City go off after a brief period of inactivity. This will result in a significant power savings. In terms of virtual desktops, given the City’s current application suite and high processing requirements, not all PCs can be virtualized. Thin clients still require some hardware to run and are managed differently, therefore cost savings would be marginal. Members of the Information Technology Services team are active participants in committees led by the Municipal Information Systems Association, where “Green IT” is a recurring theme.

    Gilles Dupuis
    City of Guelph
    Information Technology Services

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