Locomotive 6167 on the move after 43 years

“Locomotive No. 6167 is one of three existing locomotives of this type in North America.  It was built in March 1940 and was one of 203 “Northern” locomotives used by the Canadian National Railways (CNR) for both passenger and freight servce berween 1927 and 1960.  6167 spent most of its working life in eastern Canada. During WWII, it carried troops and supplies to the eastern ports.  On July 6, 1943 No. 6167 was involved in a full-speed head-on collision with sister engine No. 6166 east of Montreal. The damage was extensive but due to a critical war-time shortage of locomotives, 6167 was repaired and continued in regular service until 1960 when diesel engines replaced steam engines.  No. 6167 was then used for special excursions only in Ontario from 1960 to 1964.  In October 1967 “the regal lady” as it was known, was presented by CNR to the “Royal City”.

The City with the assistance of Locomotive No. 6167 Restoration Committee and dedicated volunteers has been restoring the locomotive over the last couple of years.  Students at Conestoga College have also been involed in the fabrication of new boiler jackets for the engine.

Now the locomotive must moved as part of the plans for the new Transit Terminal.  It will be lifted over the tracks to its new location later this month.

In coming years, the locomotive will be a unique feature of our Transit Terminal reminding commuters and visitors of our transportation history.

Glory Days

At work

Getting ready to move


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10 Comments on “Locomotive 6167 on the move after 43 years”

  1. Melissa Newell Says:

    We would really like to see the train move.
    Is there a date set ?
    How can we find out exactly which date the train will be moved ?

    Thank you


  2. kfarbridge Says:

    I will find out and post.

  3. Melissa Newell Says:

    Hello 🙂

    I am just checking in to see if you have learned of the date the train is being moved.

    Thank you


  4. kfarbridge Says:

    The Locomotive is currently scheduled to be relocated on May 17th.

  5. Melissa Newell Says:

    Thank you so much !


  6. JK Says:

    Not moving on May 17th. It has been delayed again.

  7. Jeff Says:

    My understanding is the move has been rescheduled. Any idea of the new date?

  8. kfarbridge Says:

    Will follow up and post.

  9. Jeff Says:


  10. kfarbridge Says:

    The general time for the move now is mid-June. The date has not been confirmed by the railway (it has to be moved between scheduled trains using the tracks). I know there is interest in the community to watch the move so I will do my best to post the information as soon as I get it.

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