April 26, 2010


We have a lot of construction going on in the City in case you haven’t noticed. There is a significant communications plan being implemented to keep everyone informed.  But despite lots of communications, not everything will on the surface make sense.   I received the following comments recently from a Transit rider:

I am a regular rider on Guelph Transit and taxpayer who requires access to St. Joseph’s Health Centre for both family and volunteer reasons, on a daily basis.  While walking to St. Joe’s from one of the temporary bus stops I noticed there was not even a shovel visible on the total length of Westmount.  A number of bus drivers I spoke with said they “…had no idea why they were diverted from Westmount.  Management made a decision on routes and will not consider re-routing us on days when we can access the regular route.  I mean – we’re out here and hear good ideas from the riders.” 

Would you please comment on why, if access can be made to any route without a detour, an attempt is not made by Guelph Transit to maintain it’s regular routing?  Just as a basic form of customer service?

This is the response from staff.  I am posting it because I think it helps explain how are staff are addressing this issue throughout the city:

There are two construction projects this spring that impact Route 7 which serves St. Joseph’s Hospital. These are the Woodlawn Resurfacing project which started on April 12th and the Westmount Reconstruction project which began on April 19th. The detour for Route 7 factors in the road availability associated with both of these projects and allows Guelph Transit vehicles to meet timing requirements and transfers in St. George’s Square.  As the two projects effecting Westmount had different start dates, the alternate route was put into effect at the start of the Woodlawn project which meant the #7 was detoured off Westmount prior to work starting on that road. The alternate routes to deal various road disruptions are developed by Guelph Transit’s Planning Committee which is comprised of planning staff and operators who drive the proposed alternative to ensure the route provides the highest level of customer service while still meeting operating requirements. Although road availability may change during the progress of the various projects this summer, the detour created for a specific route will remain the same until the project is completed which should help to minimize rider confusion.

 All of Guelph Transit’s base routes will be impacted by the road construction program this summer. In order to provide both customers and operators with timely and up-to-date information on routes changes, we have a developed a communications program for each group. For customers, information on detours is provided on both the Guelph Transit and Guelph Remastered websites. Information has been and will continue to be provided in City News as new projects begin. Flyers detailing the changes by route are also available on Guelph Transit vehicles. We have created an information board for the operators detailing the latest detours and alternative routes and bus stops. Our Route Supervisors encourage operators to review the information every morning when they sign-in for duty. We continue to refine the process based on feedback we receive from the public and our employees.

Although we work very closely with all internal and external groups involved in the numerous projects to ensure the issuance of updated information on a timely basis, there may be instances beyond our control where route detours have to be implemented to deal with “on-the-spot” project changes. We will make all efforts possible to make sure the changes are communicated to customers as quickly as possible.

Thank you for sharing your recent experience on Guelph Transit.


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