Keeping the City Running

Annually, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our city running. Here are some examples of this fundamental work.

In May, the Operations Department commissioned its new sanitary sewer closed circuit television inspection truck. To date the two man crew has been conducting investigative surveys of problematic areas throughout the city. Once all areas that we visually monitor monthly for flow troubles are investigated and reported upon, a 5 year city wide inspection cycle will be initiated. The new truck will also be used to immediately inspect mains following a sewer block, eliminating our reliance on third party contractors which can often result in a delayed response.

The sewer flushing and maintenance program is also underway. Approximately 30 km of sewer per month are flushed to ensure they are fully operational.

The city wide road maintenance program has begun which includes asphalt repairs, road and intersection sweeping, gravel road and shoulder maintenance as well as dust control.

The city-wide concrete curb and miscellaneous sidewalk repair program has also been initiated, which includes mud jacking of settled sidewalk slabs.

City wide graffiti maintenance is ongoing. Remember that Operations staff depend upon public ‘eyes’ to alert us to offensive graffiti so please let us know when you do see any graffiti to be removed.

Also at this time, City wide boulevard maintenance activities are taking place which include miscellaneous paving stone repairs in various locations, topsoil and re-seeding of miscellaneous boulevard areas, minor structural repairs and maintenance. Repairs are often required due to general and expected wear from winter elements, pedestrian foot traffic and vehicular damage. The repairs ensure safety and continued walk-ability.

The annual ditching program will begin in early June with the maintenance of approximately 5000 metres of roadside ditches over a five week period. This activity will be followed by culvert inspections and required repairs. Ditch maintenance entails the removal of overgrown vegetation and accumulated silt to ensure proper ditch functionality with respect to collection and conveyance of rain water.

The city wide catch basin cleaning program is underway and will run until November. This initiative results in the cleaning of approximately 5000 of the city’s 18,000 catch basins per year.

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