City earns coveted silver rating for Green Fleet management

The City of Guelph is one of only two municipalities in Ontario to receive an E3 silver rating for sustainable fleet management. It is also the only municipality in Ontario to receive a silver rating for its transit fleet. The designation was announced in Toronto on June 10th by Roger Smith of Fleet Challenge Ontario, the E3 affiliate in Ontario.

Guelph can take pride in being the first municipality in Ontario to achieve a silver rating for our transit fleet. The E3 Fleet rating is proof of Guelph’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions.

The E3 Fleet is a made-in-Canada Rating System to recognize fleet performance in terms of Environment, Energy and Excellence. Under the E3 Fleet program, public and private sector fleets can seek formal ratings on staff training, idle reduction practices, vehicle purchasing practices, fleet operations and maintenance, trip and route planning, fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas performance.

The City undertook a comprehensive fleet review in 2008 as part of the E3 rating criteria. Armed with this data, the City adopted several policies. These policies ensure that City employees are accountable for reducing fuel operating expenses by minimizing engine idling. Staff are trained on fuel efficiency for vehicle and equipment operation. The purchase of right size vehicles further decreases the City’s carbon footprint and result in lower capital costs.

“We are pleased to be the second municipality in Ontario to be awarded with a silver rating. Earning the E3 rating has been a two year process and involved several departments of our organization,” said Bill Barr, the City’s Manager of Fleet and Equipment.

The City will continue to monitor its fleet performance using the E3 rating system to determine where further improvements are possible. The City’s next audit will be in two years.

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4 Comments on “City earns coveted silver rating for Green Fleet management”

  1. Brian McMullen Says:

    Who cares what someone from Toronto thinks about our transit.The 20 minute system having gained no new ridership means the 14 new buses added to the system every hour are spewing needless emissions into our air(please remove less emissions into the air from your go green initiative as this system is a direct contradiction to that)YOU and the head of transit at the time told me this system would not raise fares(3 times since) or taxes(twice since) as well as the fact that we are 8 million shy on our budget and you run a system that drains our tax and budgeted dollars daily.You are talking of a multi-million dollar transit terminal which we cannot afford nor do we need it.There is nothing wrong with the buses coming in to the square.I am challenging you now for the 4th time(hopefully you comply this time)to show the cost of running a 20 and a 30 minute system so the public can see why we are under budget.

  2. Brian McMullen Says:

    I sent an e-mail to e3fleet

  3. kfarbridge Says:

    Brian, I know you have strongly opposed 20 minute transit. You may be interested to know that the Transit Growth Strategy is proposing 15 minute service on peak routes and 30 minute service on less used routes. You can learn more about the Transit Growth Strategy at:

  4. Brian McMullen Says:

    I am very happy to hear that the transit problem is finally being addressed.I don’t know what all the peak hour services are doing on the other runs.I can tell you the industrial run is a bit of a mess right now.If a 3rd bus is introduced during peak hours for the industrial run and sent out of the square midway between the regularly scheduled buses that would be using our resources efficiently and create less waste of money and less needless emissions into the air.The peak hours for the industrial run are 6 to 9 am and 3 to 6 pm.If the 3rd bus is intrduced properly to these hours it should be so simple that it could be in place by tomorrow morning.

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