City of Guelph Temporary Five-Day Closures

June 21, 2010


The closure of City facilities and the suspension of services for five-days this summer are an unfortunate result of an $8 million revenue shortfall in 2010—a consequence of the economic recession. To avoid passing this cost onto tax payers in the form of higher property taxes, Council voted to reduce the City’s payroll budget.

All City employees, including management and Councillors, are affected and will experience five unpaid days in 2010. During these unpaid days of closure, services are affected because City employees are not working and are therefore not able to deliver service. This, while we realize creates an inconvenience, saves $1.2 million.

Guelph’s 2010 property tax rate was set at 3.66%. The five unpaid days of closure have been factored into this tax rate. Residents are paying for 51 weeks of service in 2010 so the City of Guelph will not be issuing refunds on property taxes.

The City of Guelph wishes to remind residents that despite service reductions required to maintain a balanced budget, the City remains committed to quality public service.

On behalf of the City of Guelph we thank you for your understanding while these temporary measures are in place and we apologize for the inconvenience they may cause.

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3 Comments on “City of Guelph Temporary Five-Day Closures”

  1. Bill Manson Says:

    I think that the strategy was ill conceived, but at this point, we’re stuck with it. (Alternatives like not taking advantage of some of the stimulus dollars and deferring some of the road work this summer or not playing “there’s an election coming; cut services rather than raise taxes” would have been preferable.)

    The implementation, however, seems to have some holes. It happens that the “temporary closure” that hits my trash collection day falls on a “clear bag” day. Since the vast majority of my clear bag waste is little plastic bags filled with dog droppings (LPBFWDD), that means that I’ll have a month’s worth of LPBFWDD sitting in my garage at the peak of summer temperatures. LPBFWDD tend to become very odiferous in those conditions. I really think that it would be socially irresponsible of me to take a clear bag full of LPBFWDD to my local park and stuff it in a trash can there, but I don’t have any better ideas. Do you?

  2. Greg Says:

    Why don’t people just take this opportunity to drop their garbage at the WRIC and while they’re at it, clean out the garage or yard, take some paint for re-use, or setup a composting system. It’s only 1 day of garbage, a small price to pay to do the environment some good. Minus the plastic, LPBFWDD makes good plant compost. It’s also a good time for people to remember the first ‘R’

  3. Bill Manson Says:

    Actually, most of the information that I have says that fecal matter is not suitable for composting.

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