Bringing Green Jobs to Guelph

I had the pleasure of speaking at today’s Ontario Centre’s of Excellence Mind to Market Innovation Series luncheon about how Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative will bring green jobs to the city.

At its core, the Community Energy Initiative is an economic development plan that serves the fundamental goals of a triple bottom line – one that addresses economic, environmental and social concerns, by focusing on cornerstone activities, such as including energy as part of the Official Planning process and enhancing our relationship with Guelph Hydro. This initiative will enable us to significantly reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, while accelerating investment, new businesses and jobs to the area.

Guelph is one of a handful of cities in Ontario doing this kind of study and incorporating energy use into Official Planning and Zoning. Rather than waiting for policies to impact our city, we’re working with community and industry partners to set our own path.

Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative goes a long way to build our reputation as a place where local government, industry and the community enjoy a shared commitment to sustainability. Green-minded organizations looking to settle in Ontario are taking a closer look at our city, and that could mean hundreds, even thousands, of new jobs here in Guelph.

The event’s keynote speaker, Canadian Astronaut Dr. Bob Thirsk shared his experiences as a Canadian astronaut and expressed the importance of engaging young minds to create sustainable communities.

Dr. Robert Thirsk & Mayor Karen Farbridge at OCE's Mind to Market

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One Comment on “Bringing Green Jobs to Guelph”

  1. Andrew Somerville Says:

    In working with home buyers thinking of moving to Guelph, the common thought is that Guelph is a unique, and beautiful city. We are known for our green thinking… Keep up the great forward thinking, Karen Farbridge and City Counsil!

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