Permanent protection for Guelph’s Green Spaces

July 28, 2010

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Guelph’s Official Plan entitled Envision Guelph has been updated to offer increased protection for the city’s green spaces. After extensive public input, Guelph City Council has adopted the Natural Heritage policies and mapping included in Official Plan Amendment (OPA 42).

“This part of our Official Plan update relates specifically to the preservation and enhancement of our rivers, wetlands, forests and other natural spaces, including significant portions of the Paris Galt Moraine” says Marion Plaunt, Manager of Policy Planning and Urban Design. “These policies aim to balance our plans for growth while providing a connected system of natural spaces throughout the city.”

The intent of the Natural Heritage System is to protect natural features and create a green legacy for the city. Incorporating Natural Heritage policies into the Official Plan provides permanent protection for Guelph’s Significant Natural Areas and their buffers. Wildlife crossings are identified to ensure that measures are taken to mitigate potential harm to wildlife. The Plan also identifies and protects areas where further study is needed before development may be permitted.

City Council will also be making a request to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to add the publicly-owned lands along the Eramosa and Speed Rivers to the Ontario Greenbelt.

Envision Guelph strives to balance residential, industrial and commercial development, natural and heritage conservation, and the city’s transportation and energy systems. The Plan demonstrates how new growth will be accommodated within the city’s existing boundaries in order to prevent sprawl into surrounding agricultural land.


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One Comment on “Permanent protection for Guelph’s Green Spaces”

  1. Gary Young Says:

    Similar debate going on in Saskatoon right now – commercial development of river and wetlands area. Two points of view are available at:


    Likely no pelicans directly involved in Guelph but this may be useful as a city-to-city reference…

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