Solar energy jobs for Guelph

Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. announced today they will be opening a manufacturing facility in Guelph to supply the solar market in Ontario. Our staff worked very closely with Canadian Solar to make their choice of Guelph an easy one.  This is what we mean by be welcoming to business.

More details can be found clicking here (our first social media press release!)

These are my speaking notes for the event:

Good morning everyone. It is a real pleasure to be here this morning. Today’s announcement by Canadian Solar means hundreds of new manufacturing jobs for Guelph.  As a mayor of a growing city, that is indeed good news. It is also good news for the growing solar industry in Guelph and nicely demonstrates both the environmental and economic benefits of our Community Energy Initiative. Indeed, the first goal of the Community Energy Initiative is to position Guelph as a place to invest.  We are very pleased Canadian Solar has chosen Guelph for their first facility in Ontario.  We welcome them to our community.

It is interesting to remember that over fifty years ago, General Electric opened a large power transformer plant not far from here.  They helped build the Province’s rapidly expanding electrical infrastructure. Times change, however, in today’s context, Canadian Solar’s announcement is no less significant for they will be part of building the electrical infrastructure of the future. We see the company’s presence in our community as being influential in helping us meet our renewable energy targets – that is 25% of demand within 15 years. At full capacity the total output of this facility will generate solar-based power that exceeds the entire current electrical demand of our community.

The Province’s Green Energy Act has been a catalyst for investment in Ontario in the energy sector.  Their leadership is one of the key reasons we are here today. The other reason is Guelph. Guelph has been named one of the safest, smartest, and most caring communities in Canada with a quality of life amongst the best in the land. Quality of life matters in today’s economy.  By making sustainability the hallmark of Guelph’s future, we will attract the jobs and investment we need to thrive.

The Community Energy Initiative is allowing our community to take control of its energy future.  It provides a model for communities interested in making a difference in the global issue of climate change. 

Minister Duguid, it is a delight to welcome you back to Guelph so soon after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between our two governments – a partnership that will guide the future development of the Guelph Innovation District for the benefit of the people we serve. Today’s announcement is another excellent example of partnership between government and the private sector to achieve common goals.

Congratulations to everyone who has been part of the successful work that has brought us together today.

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