2010 Inaugural Ceremony

Last night was the inaugural ceremony for the 2010-2014 Guelph City Council.

The new term of Council was piped in by Pipe Major Bruce MacDonald joined by a member of our Emergency Medical Services and Guelph Police.

O Canada was sung by Mary DuQuesnay.

City Clerk led the Declaration of Office for  me and members of Council.  We signed both the Declaration of Office and Council’s Code of Conduct. 

The signing of the Code of Conduct is new.  The Code was developed during the last term by citizens serving on the Accountability and Transparency  Committee.  Interestingly, Councillor Todd Dennis served as a citizen on that committee.

A written Code of Conduct helps to ensure that the members of Council, advisory committees, and local boards of the municipality share a common basis for acceptable conduct. This code is designed to provide a reference guide and a supplement to the legislative parameters within which the members must operate.

These standards should serve to enhance public confidence that Guelph‟s elected and appointed representatives operate from a base of integrity, justice and courtesy. The key principles that underline the Code of Conduct are as follows:

  • all members shall serve and be seen to serve their constituents in a conscientious and diligent manner;  
  • members should be committed to performing their functions with integrity and to avoiding the improper use of the influence of their office, and conflicts of interest, both real and apparent;  
  • members are expected to perform their duties in office in a manner that promotes public confidence and will bear close public scrutiny;  
  • members shall seek to serve the public interest by upholding both the letter and the spirit of the laws and policies established by the Federal Parliament, Ontario Legislature, and the City Council.

Municipal Council Members hold positions of privilege. Therefore, we must discharge our duties in a manner that recognizes a fundamental commitment to the well being of the community and regard for the integrity of the Corporation. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to:

  • Protect the public interest;
  • Encourage high ethical standards among members of Guelph City Council and local boards; 
  • Provide a universal understanding of the fundamental rights, privileges, and obligations of members of Guelph City Council and local boards;
  • Provide a means for members of Guelph City Council and local boards to obtain information on some contemplated conduct in circumstances where they are uncertain as to the ethical appropriateness of that conduct.

The Code of Conduct contains provisions relating to:

  • gifts and benefits;
  • confidentiality;
  • use of city property;
  • work of a political nature;
  • conduct respecting current and prospective employment;
  • business relations, influence on staff, and improper use of influence.

Council has also adopted a process for handling complaints under the Code of Conduct.

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