Guelph Farmers’ Market Temporarily Relocated to City Hall Lobby and Wilson Street Parking Lot

The Guelph Farmers’ Market building at the corner of Gordon Street and Waterloo Avenue is now closed until repairs to its roof are complete.

Public safety continues to be of paramount importance to the City of Guelph. Based on a recent structural assessment of the building, the City of Guelph—which owns the farmers’ market facility—is of the opinion there is sufficient engineering evidence and professional advice to warrant closing the building in the interest of public safety.

Arts and craft vendors will be invited to relocate to the lobby of City Hall, and produce vendors will relocate to the Wilson Street parking lot. Unfortunately, vendors who require hot and cold water for the operation of their booth cannot be accommodated at either location. The City will be meeting with these vendors as soon as possible.

The Guelph Farmers’ Market will be open and operating at these two locations every Saturday until repairs to the market building’s roof are complete. Free two-hour parking will be maintained in the Wilson Street lot.

The City is in the process of contacting each market vendor to inform them of the new location and provide details about the transition.

Repairs to the market building’s roof are expected to take eight to ten weeks.

The City of Guelph encourages the community to continue to support farmers’ market vendors during this time of transition.

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13 Comments on “Guelph Farmers’ Market Temporarily Relocated to City Hall Lobby and Wilson Street Parking Lot”

  1. Sue Merritt Says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the fruit and vegetable vendors inside, considering the temperature? Their products are certainly more susceptible to cold than crafts.

  2. Jim Grant Says:

    Karen –
    1) How is it that a city facility has gone so long without a BCA that all of a sudden we have an emergency shut down. Roof’s do not deteriorate to this degree overnite.
    2) How is it that the first communication on this report is we have concerns and then a week later we are into an emergency closure. An Engineers report is a factual report with expert opinion based on those facts.

  3. Kyle Mackie Says:

    I’m curious if the vacant buildings on Wyndham Street North (the “future library site”) were considered. Seems a perfectly good option.

  4. Ann Green Says:

    I am wondering why this was not taken care of in the summer/fall surly the Building Dept would have known at that time, as the concern is puplic safety, the age and condition of the Market roof. The relocation is really not suitable for this time of year, and maybe some City Officals should come and stand with outside vendors, and also is the Health Dept going to now cause problems for the poor venders trying to sell thier product due to the lack of hot and cold running water??

  5. kfarbridge Says:

    Our staff are working on two fronts:

    1) to work with the vendors to make the alternative location for this Saturday work for as many vendors as possible
    2) to get the structural work done to reopen the building as soon as possible

    We have been examining all options and will continue to look for viable solutions as we work to fix the building.

    I encourage everyone to come to the alternative location for the market this Saturday and show this community’s support for the vendors during a very challenging time.

  6. Nina Menard Says:

    What is preventing the city from using the empty units, on Wyndham Street North? Seems like a better solution than what is being offered.
    I’m also curious, as already stated on how the roof of the Guelph Farmer’s Market, suddenly deteriorated, and why this could not be detected during the summer months?

  7. James Gordon Says:

    thanks for your ongoing efforts with this…

  8. Jenn Says:

    While I certainly will continue to attend the market to support the vendors, I also urge city council to continue to make efforts to find another alternate location, at least for the produce vendors who shouldn’t be left out in the cold for the next two months.

    Please don’t let this vibrant (and I would say vital) piece of our community be lost!

  9. Rosa Bialski Says:

    I really hope that all of the vendors get a chance to relocate as soon as possible. The farmer’s market is one of my favourite things about Guelph.
    I go to the market specifically for meat and cheese as well as vegetables. Are the meat and cheese vendors going to be at any location this Saturday?

  10. David D Says:

    I think this whole process is unnecessary and tragic for the poor vendors at the Market. There is no doubt that this roof has been in it’s current condition for years, with no issues. To force the market to close and relocate for the 3 weeks before Christmas is criminal and wrong, the City needs to figure out a better alternative than the Wilson St parking lot.

  11. Brian Holstein Says:

    The decision to use the City Hall is brilliant! We walked through the market at 9:30 – 10:00 and it was a breath of fresh air. Councillors Findlay, Hofland and Piper were on hand, as was the mayor, and all seemed to be fielding questions, but from what I saw, mainly being congratulated for the steps they have taken. Vendors told us that there were more new customers out today than they had seen in a long time, and the shops along Carden Street seemed to be getting the benefit, too.

    It turned out to be a situation where no-one lost, and hopefully the vendors that stayed away will be back next Saturday.

    Congratulations on the fast work: it isn’t easy to be bombarded with a host of criteria at once and still being able to make a correct choice.

  12. David Says:

    My 11 year-old daughter and her mother live in England but spend a lot of time here in Canada, visiting several times a year. For my daughter the Guelph Market is a huge attraction, and we’ve even ‘sold’ it to friends in Europe who have gone out of their way on holiday to visit Guelph for this reason alone, and have loved it. A great deal of the attraction derives from the character and location of the old building, and the fact that people who live down town are able to walk there. So much of this attraction would be lost if the market were to be moved to a permanent new location on the outskirts of town, as has happened in other Ontario cities. Such purpose-built new market buildings may be larger and appear more efficient, but the character and social warmth can be lost, and such a move would only damage the vitality of the city centre.

    We very much hope that this sudden announcement is not the ‘thin end of the wedge’, and that other reasons will not be found for condemning the building outright. If that is indeed the expectation, then the only development plan the city should entertain must be the construction of a new purpose-built market building on that site, retaining as much as possible the character of the old. But as the blog suggests that the city’s expectation is that this is solely a matter of repairing the roof, then we look forward very much to seeing the old market building reopened very shortly and meanwhile wish all the vendors the very best over this difficult time.

  13. Jodi Says:

    Should have taken off the roof and put-in a second story to accommodate even more vendors. There are very many people waiting for space in the market and it is exceedingly difficult to shop as it is, it is overcrowded and not enjoyable. I stopped going there because of this, much to my chagrin.

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