Chronology of structural review of Farmers’ Market

December 8, 2010



I have had several e-mails asking about the review process that led to the decision to close the Farmers’ Market building for repairs.  Here is the chronology.

June 10 – Initial Structural Assessments report received.

June 14 – Structural Assessment conducted by Kleinfeldt Consultants Limited.

July 6/9 – Structural Assessment Report received.

Preliminary review and supplementary questions of clarification communicated. Report advises that a new roof structure should be designed to meet Ontario Building Code (OBC); use of structure in meantime is still possible; extra care should be taken during winter months to monitor snow accumulation on the roof. It was noted that OBC and Ministry of Labour do not allow consideration of snow melting or removal in evaluating safe buildings.

August 26 – Meeting with Kleinfeldt

  • Discussed options to repair market roof to satisfy safety requirements.
  • Snow monitoring and removal is an option in conjunction with repair.
  • Staff directs Kleinfeldt to investigate repair/ reinforcing options, to allow continued use in the short term, if not longer, with a desired conclusion for the roof structure to be safe as measured by the requirements of the OBC. 

Sept 1 – Proposal for proceeding with options report received from Kleinfeldt

Recommends pending initiation of repairs, to have structural monitoring of building in place, with the options for accumulated snow removal, over a short term period.

Sept 28 – Structural Repair options/ recommendations Report completed

Sept 29 – Nov 15 – Actions Arising

  • Report circulated and reviewed.
  • Costing projection/timeline defined – phased repair Mon-Thurs.-open Saturday.
  • Snow-Monitoring program developed and reviewed. 
  • Emergency Closure protocols confirmed in case of snow accumulation. 
  • Building heat remaining ‘on full’ – heat tracers ordered for roof. 

Nov 16 – Structural Repair Specifications and Drawings received.

Tender to hire contractor to repair roof in development.

Nov 26 – Request clarification of ‘1:50 annual probability snowfall’ modeling results.

Nov 30 – Kleinfeldt advises that with further modeling, theoretically, the structure fails under dead loads. Thus, recommends that the building be closed for the winter with the roof structural repairs being implemented immediately.

Dec 1 – Meeting with Kleinfeldt – confirms recommendation of Nov 30th – close building until repairs completed. Planned program of phased repairs and snow monitoring is now an urgent closure of facility. Accelerated response in place.

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