Farmers’ Market Update

January 4, 2011


I had an e-mail from a patron of the Farmers’ Market this morning asking about the timeline for the structural repairs. Here is the most recent information:

The tender was awarded the week of December 20th, 2010. A purchase order has been issued to RusCan General Contracting Inc. of Concord, Ontario. 

At this time, the completion date will be the end of February at best, however, staff are working with the general contractor to find ways of improving on this date.

The completion date relies heavily on the delivery of the steel channels which need to be cut to length and pre-drilled in the shop before they arrive on site. The general contractor is working with the steel fabricator to nail down this date. Once we have this information, I will provide another update.

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7 Comments on “Farmers’ Market Update”

  1. kfarbridge Says:

    As of Friday January 14th, the contractor is currently on site and will have approximately a quarter of the steel in place by the end of next week. At this point it appears that we are still looking at completing the work by the end of February.

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    This morning we had a site visit and inspection by our structural engineer from Kleinfeldt Consultants Limited.

    In general, the steel work is progressing well and the engineer was pleased with the work completed thus far. There have been a number of surprises with respect to the existing roof structure and the condition of our load bearing masonry end walls, however, these items are being addressed by the engineer and a remedy is being developed. It does not appear that these changes will have a significant impact on the schedule.

    Projected completion of the structural roof repair work remains the end of February 2011.

  3. kfarbridge Says:

    The general contractor has confirmed that the end of February continues to be an achievable target for completion of this work. To date, all the demolition has been completed and approximately 50% of the steel is in place. Painting of the steel will start towards the end of next week and will closely follow the installation of the remaining steel. Lights need to be added in the areas where ceilings have been removed and the place will need a good cleaning prior to reopening on March 5th.

  4. kfarbridge Says:

    Latest update:

    Structural Steel work in the farmers market is approximately 2/3’s complete. The general contractor will be in all weekend to continue with the installation of steel and should have all the roof steel in place by Wednesday February 23rd. The painter is closely following the steel installation and should be finished by the end of next week.

    We have run into a complication at one end of the building which is being addressed by our consultant and expect to have a solution in hand by Wednesday of next week. The associated remedial work should be completed by March 2nd. A review of the work and the facility will be scheduled with our operations team, the building department, and the Joint Health & Safety committee representatives once the building is ready for inspection.

    The market is scheduled to reopen in its traditional location on Saturday March 5th, 2011 and, currently, we expect to meet that date. Another update will be provided towards the end of next week.

  5. Jim Grant Says:

    Karen – This is good news. May we get answers to the following:
    1) When all is said and done, will the building be to current reg’s/bylaws? Is this then complete or is there more work to be done?
    2) What has been our total cost for same?
    3) What value does the city put to this asset or is it considered simply the “market’s home”. PS – If it is the market’s home, then that is Ok as well.

  6. Kate Sullivan Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Here are answers I’ve received from staff:

    1. The work that is being done is in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and our local bylaws. The building itself was not designed or built to meet our current building code, but any future modifications would be. There is additional work that needs to be done to the exterior of the building such as ‘tuck pointing’ of the masonry walls and re-parging of the exposed foundation walls which will be done once the weather gets warmer. This work will have minimal to no impact on the operation of the market.

    2. Estimated total cost of the building repairs, including consulting fees, is approximately $225,000.

    3. The short answer is that it’s just the Market’s current home. But while the current building has been the location of the Farmers’ Market for over 30 years, it really is just the latest location for an activity that has been in the geographic area for over 175 years. The Downtown Secondary Plan ( is planning that there will be change to the current site within the next 20 years and during the same period the Farmers’ Market is to be enhanced and grow as a downtown anchor. So it’s likely that the current site will have a different purpose by 2031.

    I hope this helps.

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  7. Jim Grant Says:

    Kate – Thanks for the response. If I had a wish list it would be for a larger Farmer’s Market as well. I find trying to move around on a Saturday, when the weather is nice, is very difficult due to the number of people in the market and the aisle width available. Possibly Council could consider this and turning this building into a more of museum or special attraction building of some sort and moving the market to a larger facility.

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