Winter Snow Removal (Part 3)

January 6, 2011

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The City of Guelph follows the Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) which form part of the Ontario Municipal Act Regulation 239/02.

Under the MMS, all roads within the city are classified into 6 classifications using Annual Average Daily Traffic counts, (AADT) and posted speed limits.  The road classes are then numbered 1 through 6 based on this information.  The lower the classification value, the higher the level of Service response. For example, the Hanlon Expressway (which we do not maintain) is a Class 1 roadway and receives the highest level of service according to the legislation.  Arterial and Collector roads within the city fall into class 3 and 4 and residential roads are class 5.  City Laneways fall into Class 6.  We do not have any Class 2 roadways within the city of Guelph.  I have attached the link to these standards.

And here is the kicker folks…in 2006, City Council modified the MMS snow plowing response threshold for the City of Guelph by reducing the depth of snow accumulation listed for class 5 roads (residential) from 10cm to 8cm.  Additionally, we plow our class 3 and 4 roads (Arterial and Collector) at 2.5cm (same as Class 1) and not 8cm as shown in the standard. 

That translates into a higher level of service than mandated by the Province of Ontario.

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