Snow again

January 16, 2011


I am not going to post on every snow fall but thought one last time since we have been on a bit of theme here…

These are updates that our staff send to members of Council when there is a snowfall in case we get any questions from the public.

Winter control update:

We are currently experiencing the effects of an “Alberta Clipper”.  These storms are quick moving and usually leave behind from 6 to 10 cm of snow accumulation.  This particular system is expected to complete its visit with us by approx noon today.  Flurries off and on will likely follow without additional accumulation.  This snow accumulation in addition to the 6 cm we already have on our residential streets has surpassed the threshold requiring a full plow out to take place.  That residential road plowout operation will begin early this afternoon 

The current status of our activities is as follows; 


Roads crews are working on the main arterials and collector roads.  A contractor assisted plowout of the residential roads will begin at 1:00pm today.  The residential plowout is expected to take anywhere from  8 to 12 hours to complete.  Roads crews will follow behind the residential plowing operation to apply traction materials to all areas requiring treatment.  This operation will continue around the clock. 

The Snow Angels Program has been triggered by this plowout action.  Volunteers will be providing driveway windrow removal for qualified residents as the residential road plowing work progresses. 


Sidewalk crews will begin plowing the high pedestrian traffic arterial, collector and bus routes at noon today.  Residential sidewalk plowing will follow.  The sidewalk plowing operation will continue around the clock until completed.  Clearing and sanding of all pedestrian cross walks and PXO’s will follow beginning tomorrow morning. 

Bus stops will be cleared simultaneously with the sidewalk clearing operation.  All city owned steps are currently being cleared and treated with materials and will be cleared again as required when/if additional accumulation is realized.

Anticipated completion time of the entire operation will be late Sunday.  


All city owned facility parking lots, access roads and entrance ways are being worked on as facilities operate today.  Cleanup is ongoing.  Crews will re-attend early tomorrow for final cleanup morning before facilities open for the day.

Additional service will be provided as conditions warrant.

We do not expect any further accumulation following the end of this storm, however, updates will be provided if current information changes.

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3 Comments on “Snow again”

  1. Misty Says:

    It’s really a shame that my street, in a highly occupied residential area, has been plowed ONCE all winter. Considering the roads around it are entirely bare. There is close to half a foot of snow on the street, making leaving your driveway and maneuvering around the vehicles parked on the street next to impossible. For such a busy area, and considered all the other roads around it have been plowed, I am feeling a tad steamed about it.

  2. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Misty,

    Operations staff have told me that since our last snowfall and residential plow-out of January 15, we have experienced a slow and steady snow accumulation that makes residential streets hard to manoevre. As of noon today, staff are addressing this. All residential roads should see a piece of winter control equipment within the next 24 hours.

    I hope this helps address your concern.

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  3. Doug Roach Says:

    The bus stop at Fife Rd. and Gateway Dr. hasn’t been plowed in the last two weeks.
    The plow was in the area and did the didewalks but not this bus stop.
    What gives?
    Do you want us to use transit or not?

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