Gas Stations in the South End

January 19, 2011


One of the issues I heard during the election was the lack of gas stations in the south end.

I have attached a map that shows where gas bars could locate based on existing zoning and other sites where the current OP would support a zoning application for this purpose.  So there are opportunities for the private sector to establish a gas station. 

As part of the OP update this year, Planning staff will be looking at providing opportunities to designate additional Service Commercial lands in south Guelph that would accomodate a gas station as well as looking at the design guidelines.


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3 Comments on “Gas Stations in the South End”

  1. South End Caitlin Says:

    The corner of Clair/Gordon appears to have ample appropriately zoned area for a gas station and one would be more than welcome here.

    There are “opportunities” to put a gas station here, but do enough of the people who can make it happen know this? Is the City actively trying to attract a gas station to build in the South, beyond simply having zoned areas available?

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    No, the City does not have the resources to seek out gas stations or other retail or service commercial businesses.

    In these areas, our focus is to ensure there are appropriate lands identified in our Official Plan and supported by the Zoning By-law. Our Business Champion in Economic Development would assist any such business navigate the approvals process to establish their business in Guelph.

    The areas that we do focus our resources for business recruitment comes out of our Economic Development Strategy – Prosperity 2020. They are areas where Guelph has a particular advantage in creating jobs, for example in the Cleantech sector.

  3. South End Caitlin Says:

    In that case, what can we as citizens do to help get what we need?

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