Speaking of surveys…

There was an interesting column in Saturday’s Globe and Mail by Jeffrey Simpson on Environics last Focus Canada survey – a randon telephone survey (couldn’t help myself) of Canadians across the county.

Some of the highlights in the column that stood out to me from a municipal perspective were that elderly programs, the environment and child poverty were some of the top spending priorities for Canadians.

These findings support community discussions to establish Guelph as an “Age-Friendly City” and “Child-Friendly City” as well as the proposal to develop a Community Well Being Strategy for Guelph so we do a better job at meeting the needs of people in our community.

The column also noted that 88% of Canadians believe the gap between rich and poor has become bigger (research shows this to be true) and 81% believe government should do something about it.  This gives a strong nod to the work of the community-based Taskforce for the Elimination of Poverty.

These are directions that should feed into Council’s Strategic Planning process.

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