New Organics Facility to be featured

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Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine will feature a cover story on Guelph’s new Organic Waste Facility Plant on the front page of the March/April edition.

The article, “Stakeholder Relations and Comprehensive Contingency Planning Key to Composting Success in Guelph” outlines the City’s community consultation process that went beyond the legislative requirements. Guelph’s noted achievements were recognized by Amy Burke, a member of the Waste Management practice of Golder Associates Ltd. The consultation process included demonstrating the planned engineering controls, processing measures and operational procedures to manage odour, litter, noise, traffic and other potential impacts that the facility might have – and particularly the backup or contingency plans to be implemented if the usual steps failed.

The community consultation process aimed to determine issues of importance to the community and to provide responses to community concerns. The consultative approach confirms the City’s dedication to the success of the OWPF.

The OWPF will allow Guelph to re-establish its position as a leader in solid waste diversion. The OWPF will use less energy and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions than transporting organic waste long distances for processing.

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