Farmers’ Market Update – last one on the repairs

March 21, 2011


For those who want to know specifically what was done:

The design was completed by Kleinfeldt Consultants Limited out of Mississauga.

The bulk of the work was related to beefing up of the purlins which pick up the load from the roof deck and transmit it to the trusses. Each purlin was straightened out and sandwiched between two C200x28, 8 inch, steel channels. The whole assembly is bolted together at 2 feet on centre with the ends supported on the trusses. There were a number of trusses in need of repair and a couple of steel columns added at the north end of the building to pick up the purlins that were supported by the masonry wall. Adding the steel columns was a better solution than reworking the masonry pockets which support the ends of the purlins in this location.

A representative from the engineering firm was on site roughly once a week to review the work as it was being done and a final inspection was completed by them and our building inspector prior to the building being re-opened to the public.

The engineer has provided us with a letter certifying that the building is safe to occupy.

Thank you to all the vendors who made the move.  It was not easy moving in and out of City Hall each week.  I am glad you are back home and look forward to the visioning work that is moving forward for future of this important feature of our community.

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