Council Procedural By-law

Who does it apply to?

Members of Council

Why was it developed?

The By-law provides rules governing the order and procedure of Council and its committees.

A Procedural By-law is a requirement in the Municipal Act.

What does it cover?

In addition to provisions related to meeting procedure, the By-law includes provisions related to the conduct of Members of Council.  This includes such provisions as:

  • No member shall use offensive words or speak disrespectfully of Council or any person
  • No member shall speak on any subject other than the subject under debate
  • No members shall speak in contempt of any decision of the Council except when speaking in support of a motion for reconsideration
  • No member shall leave his or her seat or make any noise or disturbance while a vote is being taken or until the result is declared

How is it enforced?

The Mayor or Committee Chair is responsible for preserving order.  Members of Council may raise a point of order or privilege at any time during the meeting.  The Mayor or Committee Chair shall decide questions of order and privilege.  Members of Council can appeal the decision of the Mayor or Chair to Council or Committee, respectively.

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