Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Who does it apply to?  

All City employees and Members of Council

Why was it developed?

The City expects and promotes respectful interactions which show regard for the rights, dignity and health and safety of all.

What does it cover?

The policy covers unwelcome or ongoing inappropriate actions in the workplace, inconsistent with our corporate values of wellness and considered to be humiliating, demeaning, offensive or intimidation. 

How is it enforced?

Informal resolution

If a City employee or Member of Council feels they have been the target of offensive behaviour, as a first step (if they feel comfortable), they are encouraged to raise your concern with the offender in person, by phone or in writing. Human Resources will assist with this and can act as an informal mediator. The person may not realize their behaviour is offensive and unwelcome. A clear message may stop their behaviour. If it doesn’t, a formal complaint can be issued.

Formal Complaint 

To issue a formal complaint, one of 3 things can be pursued:

  1. Submit a written complaint to Human Resources. You can write this on your own, or with assistance of an investigator in Human Resources, a leader in the organization, or a Peer Link.
  2. File a grievance, as applicable under a relevant Collective agreement
  3. File a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal for incidents which are covered under the Ontario Human Rights Code

 This is the eighth and final in a series of postings on Accountability.

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