Making change in the downtown

April 24, 2011

Jobs & the Economy

I was recently interviewed about the value of the Facade Improvement Program in the downtown.

The economic diversity and vibrancy of the downtown is critical to the economic health of our city as a whole, especially as we aim to compete in the new information economy and understand the importance of innovation in creating jobs and wealth.

To make lasting and postive change in the downtown, I feel we need three things as a minimum (and not necessarily in this order):

First we need a clear path to follow.  This is being provided by our Downtown Secondary Plan and the investment goals being established.

Second, we need a champion.  This is being provided by our newly-established “downtown champion” who is accountable for delivering results (i.e. increased investment, jobs, residents and assessment).

And finally we need to engage and excite  the entrepreneurs who take the risk and make the investments that create the jobs and wealth we want for our community.  This is where the Facade Improvement Program fits in, in a big way, and so far it has proven itself give the positive buzz it has created among entrepreneurs in our community.

Motivation 101.

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2 Comments on “Making change in the downtown”

  1. Jim Grant Says:

    Karen – I am confused here. It’s not that I am disagreeing with you on the downtown, but am hearing so many say that the library bookmobile is a much needed service. Why can’t we find the funds for the bookmobile and yet, we do for these other projects. I do understand that we see increased revenues from downtown revitalization, but isn’t the library service considered more of a necessity? We seem to find the funds for more grandiose type projects but not this one.

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    The Guelph Public Library is currently conducting a service review of the Bookmobile. I encourage you to participate. No final decision has been reached with respect to the service. The service review may indeed improve the way the service is delivered providing greater value for the taxpayer and a more effective service for users.

    Karen Farbridge

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