Paving bricks for Market Square

I have had some questions about the pavers being laid in Market Square (Carden Street).

Some people are concerned about how the pavers are being laid.  Right now the bricks are placed but not sanded or tamped so they are not finished.  There has been some concern about uneveness in how they are currently laid.  This will be addressed by the contractor as they complete the work.

With respect to the choice of brick, there were two paving systems approved for the design, a clay paver (Ohio) and a concrete paver (Ontario).  Our preference was for the clay unit and it happened to be the cheaper option when the tenders came in.   Clay is a natural material and geologically speaking, Ontario does not produce clay that is suitable for paving (lots for walls however).  Ohio produces clays which when fired can withstand our climate and can be used in roadways.   Interestingly, 100 years ago, downtown Guelph was completely covered in Ohio pavers.   The decision to move ahead with the clay units was based on getting a unique and durable finish to the Square.

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