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Interest in local food has gone through the roof in the last few years  and was clearly evident at the 6th Annual Local Food Fest. 

As a planet, we recently passed the point where more people live in cities than in rural areas.  In Canada, approximately 80% of people live in urban areas.  What does this mean for our connection to rural communities and the people who grow our food?  Understanding where our food comes from is learned and for many of us the opportunities to learn are more limited than ever.  Understanding the importance of sustainable rural communities to our society is critical. 

Events like the Local Food Fest help to maintain those connections.  The event showcased local producers and restaurants and organizations promoting local food.

A new food tourism brand was launched at the event called “taste real” which is aimed giving a new visibility to our local food assets and to promote Guelph and Wellington as a culinary tourism destination.  The campaign promotes small businesses and farms in the area, local food access, the health and wellness benefits of local food and strengthens our connection to the people who grow our food and the land that sustains us.  The new brand was developed with the input of 44 local stakeholders and is a collaboration of the City of Guelph Tourism Services, Guelph Wellington Local Food and the County of Wellington and its member municipalities.

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2 Comments on “Local Food”

  1. Lin Grist Says:

    Could you put a list of places in guelph to purchase local food, in addition to the Saturday market?
    Could you also list sites we can rent to grow out own food, for those of us who live in apartments.

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    This website provides terrific information regarding local food: http://www.guelphwellingtonlocalfood.ca/

    The Ignatius Jesuit Centre also has community garden plots for rent: http://www.ignatiusguelph.ca/farm/

    And finally you can find out more about community gardens in Guelph at: http://guelph.ca/living.cfm?smocid=2800

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