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I have blogged about our new Service Review process earlier.  The City delivers approximately 300 services and the goal is for Council and the Executive Team to consider every service once a term (4 years) as to whether a service or operational review should be conducted.  A Service Review asks:

  • Should we deliver the service?
  • At what level of service should we deliver the service?
  • What should our relationship to the service be (e.g. direct provider, facilitator)?

An Operational Review asks:

  • How can we deliver the existing service more efficiently and effectively?

We started with 75 services.  Here are some preliminary results of the review to date:

Service Reviews

  • Completed – 3
  • Underway – 1
  • Recommended – 13

Operational Reviews

  • Completed – 6
  • Underway 6
  • Recommended – 8

It is being recommended that we maintain 37 of the 75 services as they currently are provided.  An additional 12 require further discussion between Council and Management before determining next steps.

Council is taking a comprehensive approach to ensuring we deliver:

  • the right services
  • at the right level of service
  • with the right service delivery model
  • as efficiently and effectively as possible
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