Community energy goals align

August 5, 2011

Community Energy Planning

Guelph’s exciting progress in meeting our Community Energy goals is an example of how the cooperative policies of two spheres of government can make a tangible, positive impact.

City Council unanimously endorsed the Community Energy Plan in April 2007.  Almost two years later, the Provincial legislature passed Bill 150, the Green Energy and Economy Act, which gave an important boost to achieving the goals in the Plan. It was at this stage that the Community Energy Plan was relabelled the Community Energy Initiative to reflect the important step into an exciting implementation phase.

The Province has created programs that are designed to deliver the promise of the Green Energy and Economy Act, such as the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-In-Tariff program, which provides premium rates for renewable energy. The programs apply across the entire province, and investors are looking for locations that will provide the best chance for the success of their ventures.

Because of our Community Energy Initiative, Guelph is seen as a place where investments in renewable energy will succeed. We are well-positioned as leaders in the green economy.

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