Research and commercialization partnerships, Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked about unique partnerships that benefit the City and taxpayers, help attract jobs and investment, and create opportunities to make a difference beyond our city boundaries.

Here is another great example. On the invitation of the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, the City has struck a partnership with Mey-na, Israel to share water and wastewater expertise under a program called “Innovation 2 Implementation.” In May, a delegation from Mey-na’s water utility and WATEC (an Israel-based water technology company) visited Guelph to learn about the City’s water and wastewater operations, identify synergies, and learn about locally-proven water technology solutions. A group of Guelph’s water and wastewater staff reciprocated the visit in July to learn about Mey-na’s operations and technologies. The visit was funded by the Ministry of Research and Innovation. Also in July, Guelph was the only municipality in Canada to be invited by the National Research Council Canada to participate in the Canada-Israel Technology Innovation Summit.

The goal of Innovation 2 Implementation is to form a global water technology network that encourages implementation of innovative, but proven, water technologies around the world. I congratulate Guelph’s water and wastewater staff for their participation. Everyone wins when we learn about technologies and solutions in place around the globe, and promote Guelph’s expertise on the world stage.   We have been offered these opportunities precisely because of the expertise we have in our Water and Wastewater departments.


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