Lowest jobless rate in Canada

Guelph is in the news as having the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

There are a whole bunch of reasons and people behind our community’s success.

This article in the Guelph Mercury about the growing Water Cluster in Guelph tells one of the stories about what is happening in Guelph that is setting us apart:

Water Cluster in Guelph

I have recently posted along this theme:

Local Company Receives Funding, City a Partner

Research and Commercialization Partnerships – Part 1

Research and Commercialization Partnerships – Part 2

We have identified a way to leverage municipal investments in building our city – providing core city businesses like water and wastewater management – to also grow our local economy. First it was energy through the Community Energy Initiative, now water and wastewater through our Water Conservation and Efficiency Strategy, and next we should be looking to opportunities in waste management with the reopening of our Organic Waste Processing Facility to complement our Material Recovery Facility and complete once more our Waste Resource Innovation Centre. 

The Hanlon Creek Business Park has not yet contributed to this job growth but is ready to embrace new businesses in these sectors.  And our work with the Province on the Guelph Innovation District will help us sustain this momentum.

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11 Comments on “Lowest jobless rate in Canada”

  1. Jacqueline Martin Says:

    My son has now been unemployed since December of last year. Had to give up his apartment and move in with his Step Dad and myself and we basically support him now.
    He has sent in a total so far of 112 resumes via email, handed out 100 resumes in person (21 to one employer who STILL has a now hiring sign outside their business), and has had ONLY 3 personal interviews. So please do not insult my intellegence by saying Guelph has the lowest jobless rate!

  2. Shannon Says:

    Really who are they comparing it too? I know a ton of people that can not get a job in guelph and have been looking for along time, and they are people who actually want jobs. I’m sure guelphs one of the highest rated for people on Ontario works and disability,(and from what I have seen a lot of those people are completely riding the system, and don’t need either, they just figure its easy money!

  3. Bill Hulet Says:


    Guelph could have the lowest unemployment rate in the country and still have 50% unemployment—-all that would mean is that everyone else has an even higher rate.

    Please, please, learn to control your emotions and think things through. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a politician to work if voters refuse to think logically about the problems that they face?

  4. Eric Says:

    That is a joke! first of all if i recall a Brian Mulroney government changed the way they reported unemployment for obvious reasons, they have taken out of the numbers those that gave up looking for work and part time is now counted as a job. In reality the unemployed figure should be around 12%. Also, politicians are quick to take any kind of credit for anything that might make themselves look good. As for Guelph we have lost many more quality jobs than we have gotten and when it comes to being pro-active for helping attract business this city gets an F. Example A tourist train operation who couldnt get assistance for $60,000 for capital infrastructure on which the city owns and caused it to cease operations. do i need to say more?

  5. ASmith Says:

    Good grief, people, just read the linked article – it’s according to StatsCan’s 3-month average, compared to the rest of the country. The article says that Guelph has an unemployment rate of 4.7%, not 0%. The fact that you know people who are having trouble finding work doesn’t mean that the statistics are wrong or that anyone is lying, it just means that those people are part of the 4.7%.

  6. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Jacqueline and Shannon,
    The data is provided by Statistics Canada: http://www40.statcan.gc.ca/l01/cst01/lfss03g-eng.htm

    You’re right that there are still lots of people who are looking for a job, and even in good economic times, job-searching can be a frustrating and discouraging experience. There are agencies in Guelph that can help with proven techniques to make a job search more effective. Here are two of them: Second Chance (www.2ndchance.ca) and Lutherwood (www.lutherwood.ca).

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  7. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Here is an earlier post about the tourist train: https://mayorsblog.guelph.ca/2011/01/05/tourist-train/

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  8. Jacqueline Martin Says:

    @Bill Hulet,
    For your information I happened to pass Math in school – so please dont be so judgemental!!!!!!
    And as for emotions, I am finished with them. My son is still looking for work and has gone thru every temp agency there is in Guelph (Thanks Kate Sullivan) and second chance with not a prospect yet.

  9. Bill Hulet Says:


    I am trying to be “judgemental”.

    I am sick and tired of seeing all sorts of crazy accusations being leveled at various people. Guelph has the lowest unemployment rate in the country according to a statistical research body, and you write “do not insult my intellegence by saying Guelph has the lowest jobless rate!” In effect, because your son doesn’t have a job, you are accusing the people at Statistics Canada of being a bunch of liars, and by association, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, the Mercury and the Mayor.

    How come you get to throw around nasty remarks like that towards people you’ve never met, but I’m being “judgemental”?!!!!! Public debate in this country is being damaged to the point where I fear for its future.

    I get a lot of grief from “liberal” types because I get angry and respond in kind to the nasty, “know nothing” stuff I repeatedly see spewed on the Internet. But if people of good will don’t respond to this sort of crazy venom, then we just allow the dorks like Rob Ford, Sara Palin, etc, to win.

    You wrote something was totally illogical and very mean-spirited in this comments section. I called you on it. I wish your son had a job. But the fact of the matter is that you had no write to be so nasty and mean spirited towards Statistics Canada, the Mercury, the Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor.

    You didn’t like my tone, so why should I totally accept yours?

  10. kfarbridge Says:

    Give it up folks. I am shutting down this conversation because it is only becoming more personal and vindictive.

    Let’s take a breath.

    What I heard was the concern of a mother for her son who is struggling to find employment. While we have the lowest unemployment rate in the country – something that any self-respecting community would want – there are still people without a job and statistics don’t pay the rent.

    Clearly, I didn’t say there was no unemployment in Guelph and, as a result, this led to fair frustration that my words had been twisted either intentionally or in the heat of the moment.

  11. Jim Grant Says:

    Thank you Karen. You are right in what you heard as I heard the same and that should be the end of it.

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