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Public sector institutions – governments and their agencies – collect a lot of data in the course of their operations. There are varying degrees of accessibility of this data. Increasingly, there are calls for making this data more available to the public to respond to changing expectations with respect to accountability and transparency. But there is another equally compelling reason proposed in the World Economic Forum’s paper on The Future of Government: Lessons from around the World. Access to this data is considered essential if we want to promote “the development of innovations in business and the development of social entrepreneurship.” The key is to provide the data in a machine-readable format so that it can be analyzed by others outside of government. There are challenges to doing this but strategically this is an important issue for us to explore if we are serious about finding new ways of doing business across the public, private and non-profit sectors to co-produce public value.


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One Comment on “Open Government Data”

  1. Adam Says:

    I applaud you for pledging to make data available.
    Any schedule for when and what data will be made available to the public?

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